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  1. Good to know. I'm hesitating on the Steinberger tuners, due to the radical differences between them and regular locking tuners. I'm assuming the JTV-89 has a 10mm tuning peg hole. Let me know what model Grover you went with.
  2. Thinking about upgrading my JTV-89 (Korean, not the Floyd model) tuners to Steinberger locking tuners. Opinions? Also, anybody have the diameter of the tuner holes on a JTV-89 Korean ? I'm having a rough time finding specs on these 'sealed tuners'. Thanks all!
  3. Hello All, While doing a partial setup and string change, I unbolted and examined the neck pocket. It was just a finish crack, no crack in the wood. Crisis averted. Thanks for all your advice.
  4. Hello, I purchased a JTV-89 early 2017, out of warranty now. I just noticed a small (1/2") crack on the (black) surface of the neck pocket, inside the top cutout. I am HOPING it is only a crack in the paint and not the wood. I have babied this instrument with the utmost care: no drops and regular cleaning/maintenance. 1) What are the chances this is a crack through the wood? I am a bit nervous unbolting the neck. 2) Has anyone experience paint cracking in the neck pocket region/is this common? 3) Assuming this is a paint crack, is there a solvent to remove the crack, and later buff out? Thanks all
  5. That's what I thought... maybe I need to wear a glove, lol... thanks.
  6. I have a 2014 JTV 89, purchased last year. After playing (and maintaining) the instrument for 9+months - I have noticed a spot on the gray nickel oxide patina on the bridge has worn to a ni-chrome shine. I'm not really worried about this - the spot is where I anchor the heal of my hand, so the wear is natural (I assume). Its behind the 5 and 6 string piezo pickups. any advice on restoring the natural surface patina (slight gray)? Cant scrub away what is already scrubbed.... Thanks.
  7. Bond19 - You described my situation exactly. The Line 6 support diagnosis: bad battery. Under warranty, so I got another one. I'm keeping the bum battery as backup. I get @ 1.5 hrs on it, but when it fails it gets a bit nutty (mostly strings dropping out, then nada). Glad I'm not alone in experiencing a weird battery. Cheers.
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