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  1. No idea at all... that’s why I had to make one. Want to buy it from me? I’ll separate it from the Pod. PM me if you’re interested.
  2. POD and cable are sold Here is the link to my sale on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/14269128-free-shipping-gig-ready-line-6-pod-hd500-w-padded-gator-bag-power-supply-and-20-extension-cord As stated in the ad, it is in excellent condition with no functional or cosmetic issues - its been babied. The only live action it has seen has been on church stages. When not in use, its been kept in the padded Gator bag that comes with it. There are some threads and questions on this forum about extension cords for the power supply - for running in a pedal snake, for example. This sale includes a 20' extension for the power supply. It is made with quality 2.5mm plugs (one male, on female) and 16ga wire as per the POD's voltage and current requirements. Works PERFECTLY. I built it for use in a pedal snake but never ended up using it at a performance. Also, includes original power supply and USB cable (not pictured).
  3. I was never crazy about the aesthetics of the JTV69 when it first came out. Then the JTV69s was released and I thought the appearance was FAR more palatable. But something always bugged me: The pickguard tells me it may be an offset guitar trapped in a strat's body. Taking the Elvis Costello Jazzmaster as insipiration, I took my stock Shoreline Gold JTV69s... Stripped the polyester finish (tediously with a heat gun and scraper): Then sanded to bare wood (and test fitted the new guard w/ electronics, because of course): And made it look different. I knew I was taking a risk by stripping it - after all, this body was selected for a solid color instead of a burst for a reason. I was pleasantly surprised at the nice grain underneath. The knot below the tremolo was probably the reason it was a solid color. Anyway, after stripping and assessing the suitability for staining, I ended up with a walnut stain and used three coats of Minwax Antique Oil (hand-rubbed boiled linseed oil similar to Tru-Oil) for the final finish. It's a FANTASTIC satin finish that is light and has a great feel. These potato-quality phone photos don't quite capture how deep the grain looks in person. And I love how the satin body contrasts with the gloss pickguard. Overall, I'm very pleased with the end result. Side note for anyone that may be considering a JTV refinish project of your own... Be prepared to spend time and a lot of effort in removing a THICK polyester finish. There was clear coat over the color coat and an extremely thick coat of clear/sealant under that and took a long time to remove. The heat gun and scraper approach did NOT remove the finish in sheets like you may see in YouTube videos of folks stripping Fender bodies. This stuff straight-up crumbled off after a lot of heat and elbow grease. Also, because the finish was so thick, while it didn't cause any problems there are a couple areas where the end result is noticeable to the trained eye (but not noticeable while playing). The heel carve is no longer flush with the bottom of the neck (cannot feel it when playing and neck pocket itself was unaffected as I did not touch it all). Also, the bushings for the neck screws are no longer flush with the finish - they do stick out a little now (again, cannot feel when playing). I did not remove the trem's threads - they stayed at the same height. I just sanded around them. Once reassembled, everything that contributed to playability and sonics were back in original places (pickups just had to be raised a tad). The recessed cavity covers (over main board and battery box) protrude just a bit, but nothing major. Again, some things that a critical eye can point out, but no real problems.
  4. Zap - its too bad you're not closer to Charleston... trial run would be ideal. guitarno - where are you located? I also want to clarify that I don't necessarily dislike the neck on this guitar. Like I said in the original post - this is a good one. Only needed to add a string tree. No buzzes, bad frets, or other issues. The ONLY reason I'm even entertaining this is the nut width... 1-5/8" wide at the nut is just a tad too narrow. 1.650" is my ideal width, but 1-11/16" works, too. Not sure a StewMac neck would be any improvement over this particular neck. I've played some 69's that had sub-par necks. I've also played Custom Shop strats and teles with mediocre necks. If I do a replacement neck, it would be a custom deal from USACG or Musikraft.
  5. Yeah - and I've wrestled with this, too. There are MANY things I like and prefer about the 69 (5-way switch for easier access to all models, tremolo is fantastic, etc.). If I cannot find a worthwhile trade option, then at least I have the option of swapping out the neck.
  6. Thanks. Ya know, I rarely use the mags and I'm also considering replacing them with a couple SD Little 59s and a Duckbucker middle or some Dimarzio rails for an HSH-type vibe for the mags. Nothing wrong with the stock pups, but I run direct into my HD500 and get more noise than I need to tolerate when the strat model is so good. I like the 69S's aesthetic more than the HSS 69 - it just looks too unbalanced to me. Too much going on.
  7. For whatever reasons, retailers have had blowout prices on 69 variants but not so much on the 59s. 69s pop up occasionally for as little as $799 here and there (usually returned or floor models). I bought mine before all that when prices were more equal across the model line but that doesn't seem to be the state these days. At any rate, I'm not looking to move up to a more valuable guitar... I'm looking for a mutually-beneficial trade as I would prefer the bigger neck of a 59. If it comes down to dollars, so be it. That said, I'm also quite close to simply ordering a custom neck for my 69s if a suitable trade option does not exist.
  8. Several questions about it, so I've updated my profile - I'm located in Charleston, SC (specifically Mount Pleasant).
  9. Hello all... Just seeing if there is any interest over here. I'm interested in trading my JTV-69S (Shoreline Gold) for a JTV-59 (burst preferred) or JTV-59P (Goldtop preferred). I've found I'm just more of a "LP" kinda guy... I may be someone unknown in this forum, but I have references available... I've been quite active as Rattle&Hum over at the Gear Page and woodyjunior on ebay. PM me if you have any interest or questions. Perfect condition - originally ordered from Sweetwater (so its a good one). Pics available upon request. Not expecting a straight-up trade - we can settle value and trade details privately.
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