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  1. amenity421

    Well....I Scored a JTV...

    Unfortunately, no. It uses a standard mic cable for the included footswitch. It does have 3 TRS control Jacks on the back to use a midi switcher for control though. I do wish it had midi like my Carvin V3 (which sadly is in dire need of repair)
  2. amenity421

    Well....I Scored a JTV...

    I scored a jtv 69 about 2 weeks ago. Pretty much loving it so far. Yesterday I took delivery on my new egnater vengeance head and hd500x (after trading my hd500 to the other guitar player in my band) and man, I'm loving this thing in 4CM. It sounds phenomenal! Kudos line 6! You're kicking Boss/Roland a** with this thing. The HD models are far superior to COSM models. just wish the head had midi. That'd be a game changer for me. For now, I tapdance!!!
  3. To the OP - Thrice is amazing. My band covers "Firebreather" To Las video - I understand not liking metal or anything heavy but seriously, obre Los ojos my brother. Perhaps you might tube down a bit sometime and enjoy the pleasures of something outside your typical regimen. To call it "noise" well, that simply makes you ignorant.
  4. Well, I took the plunge. I've been wanting something new for a long time. I had an HD500 and traded to the other guitarist in my band for a very cool Ibanez he had. He was a skeptic but took the 500 home and fell in love. I got gas and bought a JTV to use with my Spider Valve. GAS is never ending as we all know so tomorrow I'm taking delivery on a brand new HD500X and an Egnater Vengeance head. I think my rig will slay now. :-) I noticed latency in my 69 but it's not a biggie. I don't play much acoustic. The sitar is amazing so I may find a place for that. I hate switching pups when playing and tap dancing. I'm stoked to go from beautiful position 4 or 5 strat clean to heavy, dark, molten Lester bridge with just one tap of a footswitch. This thing is going to save me headache for sure!! Anyway, I'm stoked! Thanks line 6!
  5. amenity421

    Sv Mkii 100wt Head Mod

    Sorry man. I should have actually answered your question. Watch this if you haven't yet: It explains it. Just ground to amp if it's missing the center pin (you'll know what I mean after you watch the video). Also, don't die.
  6. amenity421

    Sv Mkii 100wt Head Mod

    Hey there, I just did my hd100 the other night. It's missing the center pin for ground so I just grounded to the amp. Make sure you have a speaker load connected. I biased mine at 40mv. Sounds nice and warm now. It had some tung sol 6L6s in it prior and I didn't much like the tone.