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  1. Hi there, yes I have the Shuriken bundle installed, though I have already modded the presets. In the app, you can choose either Firehawk or Variax to control the preset, for tuning and for model. For me, I don't want to be using knobs on the guitar, so I select FH. I can't see an "off" option. The model listed by the FH is completely wrong. See pic. If i choose say Spank 1 from the list, the actual model on the guitar is World 1. And vice versa. Only the Custom banks are reflected correctly. I suppose the worst case is I have to learn a different name for my preferred variax models though it is a little annoying. Perhaps a factory reset might fix?
  2. Hi, it is 2.23. In workbench the models are correct, but in Firehawk app they are completely muddled.
  3. Yes thanks. What about the other issue though - The firehawk app getting all the preset banks mixed up? Any thoughts ?
  4. Just a quick update on this - I have recently discovered (a bit late), that the "Controlled by Firehwak/Variax" option in the Firehawk app seems to be a global setting. i.e. change it once, and it applies to all presets regardless of what is saved in the preset. As far as I can tell, this isn't described in the Variax manual. I might be mistaken too, but this seems to be the only global setting in the whole Firehawk app, hence why I missed it for so long. Upshot is, I need to set up my Variax Shuriken AND Firehawk based on whether this setting is on or off for all presets, and not deviate. I still haven't worked out why the FH incorrectly names the model banks in the app - any thoughts welcome how to fix this.
  5. Thanks, yes I’ve checked that. I’ve also discovered that the problem happens if I manually change the model on the guitar using the knobs. E.g. I rotate the model to User I and I expect to hear a certain model/tuning combo. I seem to get one or the other but not both until I change the tuning knob as well as the model knob. Or, I have to flick the blade switch up and back for the correct sound to flow through.
  6. Hi all, I've had my Shuriken for about 3 months now and I still can't work out how presets work when using the dials on the guitar and wondering if there is a problem. For example, when i use the Shuriken with my Firehawk FX and switch foot presets, the guitar seems to select a random model from the guitar's User banks i.e. the selected model on the guitar doesn't carry over from preset to preset. If am playing in Drop D, and the change to a new FH preset, the tuning suddenly becomes drop A (or something else). I can only get the Shuriken to use the correct model if i rotate both the model knob and alt tuning knob/selector switch back and forth after changing patches. Naturally this means the guitar is practically unusable for any song where I need more than patch. I have checked the FHFX - no the FH preset does not have a Variax model selected. There is no reason I can find that explains why the guitar chooses something different. THe other thing I have noticed is that if I use the FHFX to assign a Shuriken model, all the model names are labelled incorrectly. e.g. if I tell Preset 1 to use the SPank 1 model in the FH app, the actual model selected will be something else. The only time it is correct is if I select one of the User banks. Maybe these things are related, perhaps not, but it sure is making it hard to use. Any tips would be gratefully received!
  7. I wanted to know this too, but in the end just got the 250. Compared to my other 25.5" guitars, it feels tight, and the drop tunings are pretty good. My hands are too small for the 270, so the 250 feels better anyway. And if it feels better, you play better!
  8. Well I had the chance to listen to both setups. In my mind, there is no question about what sounds best: 2 x single cabinets (in stereo) is miles better than a single stereo cab like the 212+ or FH1500, for stereo effects. The stereo effects from two speakers within a single cab are almost imperceptible, even with a 'wide' stereo setting, compared to the 2x single set up. I have my answer!
  9. Well maybe not "half", but certainly could lose 3-4mm off the top. Just enough for it to sit at or just below the saddle.
  10. One thing I would like to see is: When you lower the saddles on the Shuriken, you don't get the two little grub screws poking up from each saddle. They really irritate my palm! I am thinking about ordering some spares off ebay and cutting them in half so they don't sit higher than the saddle itself. Unless anyone has another solution?
  11. Just to limit confusion, I would go with standard E tuning, and emulating D. At least then the labels on the tuning dial would make sense.
  12. This is very interesting. I have been coveting a certain pearl white Shuriken from the Rockshop in Auckland for some time and was thinking about getting it shipped over to Oz but eventually got a metallic silver one here in Melbourne. The one I picked up had been in the shop for a long time and it had just a very minor layer of dust. No evidence of much playing at all. I doubt it is filler, that would be poor QC, and I've never seen that on a new guitar. However, looking at the rosewood it seems very dry. It it were to be cleaned and then oiled (lemon oil), perhaps the blemishes would disappear? When I do this to my ebony and rosewood fretboards on my other guitars, any blemishes seem to disappear and the whole thing looks much darker. If the issue is just the grain of the wood having 'character', it might be passable as the body is the Ash version so you want to see the natural grain. A few blemishes might be nice. On the silver version I have, blemishes aren't so good, thankfully there aren't any... Good luck with your decision!
  13. Hi all I recently acquired a FH1500 and it performs as expected, but have come across an issue. When I adjust the Mid dial on the top of the FH and turn left towards the 9 oclock position, the amp cuts out completely, and the message "Thermal Shutdown" scrolls across the LCD. Sometimes, after a few seconds, the amp comes back to life, sometimes it requires a reboot. It only happens on the Mid dial (so far as I can tell), and at any volume, after any time. So I'm fairly sure it is not actually a heat issue, it's a glitch. I've tried the downgrading the firmware to 1.0 and then back up to 1.3. No change. Anyone seen this before? Any fixes? Is it serious?
  14. Interesting, thanks. Having 2x212+ cabs must sound MASSIVE. Getting a 212+ is obviously a much simpler set up than 2x112, which is appealing. The cost is a little more but there's more features for sure. I'm not likely to become an IR guru, I expect I'll find something in the Helix that I like. The one stereo trick i use almost all the time is add a ping pong delay with a 20ms delay to the end of my chain, and short feedback (one delay) panning full left/right to my speakers. This makes the guitar sound like there are two in the room. It's the same trick that FM radio stations use - it makes the music sound so much fuller.
  15. Nice. That's exactly what I wanted to see. If only a major pup manufacturer would partner with a mainstream guitar manufacturer, we might see some real change. Exactly! And perhaps the lack of modern models proves my point about variability. Seriously though, this is about product marketing. It would make me feel better, as a user, if I saw a model that was based on a modern solid body guitar. it could simply be called "modern high output" or "modern mid output". Just my 2 cents.
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