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  1. JamieCrain's post in Save to my tones behaviour was marked as the answer   
    Yes it is complicated, not well thought out at all.
    When you turn on the FH, you are using the tones on the FH itself, not the app, even if you have it on and connected via Bluetooth. This is true also as you change tones using the foot switches. If you start to edit the tone and save, you will duplicate the tone in MYTones. Hence my tip is to load up the tone from MyTones on the app, then edit and save, then Save to FH. This way avoids duplicating the tone in the app, but you then have to save a copy to the FH if you want to use your feet.
    Either way, you have to do two actions. Editing from the FH requires you to delete a duplicate in MyTones, editing via MYTones requires you to save a copy back to the FH. There is no master edit/save process that does both. God my brain hurts just thinking about it.
  2. JamieCrain's post in Amp Out or Line Out when plugged to an Amp Return Jack was marked as the answer   
    And yes, the manuals are a bit lacking sometimes.
  3. JamieCrain's post in Volume Pedal AFTER chain?! was marked as the answer   
    Not sure what you mean, this can already be done. See attached. Just drag the volume right, and the effects left.

  4. JamieCrain's post in Saving Tones was marked as the answer   
    I think this depends on whether you are editing a FH tone on the unit, or one from "my tones". I.e. If you select a patch on the FH unit, edit it and then save, it will duplicate in "my tones". However if you start by selecting the tone from "my tones", edit and save, it will update not duplicate, however your tone on your FH unit will remain unchanged because you are editing the cloud copy only.
    This is obviously a bit annoying so I only edit and update "my tones". Only when I'm happy will I then save each to the FH.
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