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  1. firehawk很烂,老tmd卡机。现在连正常启动都不行,你们line6的什么论坛都解决不了问题的,包括官方的废话对策帖都什么东西,说了等于没说。花几千块钱买了这玩意,完美。看到line6绕道了,买教训了,还是买自己区域的有售后保障。
  2. my English is terrible,I cant understand the whole things you said,but certainly do not buy firehawk, trust me.and if you still want buy one,text me,i sell mine( ৺ ◡৺ )
  3. well,then may be the machine problem,fk itself is a problem,i also got a problem in mine,disapointed to this
  4. How to delete the tone presetus?
  5. it is still even if i have update to1.30version
  6. somebody help me,please i am in china ,my firehawk got struck anytime during i use it the situation will be with the A and C buttons light(not flash) it would never response, only i can do is restart it.
  7. may be you need to download the "driver "on website,i figured out this problem before,hope can help you
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