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  1. Picked up Helix Native on sale and installed it. I can bring up the plugin in my DAW (latest Studio One Pro) and it sounds fantastic! Ok... the bad news... When I double click presets it switches over to the preset on the screen but the sound does not change! I have to switch to a different input and then back for the sound to actually change to that preset! is anyone else having this issue? What is the fix for this?
  2. Hey, guys and gals! I currently own a G90 wireless for my guitar and I’m thinking of picking up an XD-V75HS for a vocal mic. I also use a Shure IEM system. First question is will all three of these systems play nice if they live rack mounted within the same road case? Also, before I make my purchase, does anyone use these in live music gigs/shows? How do they sound? Are they secure and fit well enough if you move around a lot? Are they reliable? Give me the good and the bad! Thank you.
  3. I have a similar issue with my Helix Rack/Control. I had an old EX 1 that I thought I would try with my setup. To my surprise it worked... BUT... My Helix has a “learn” function. Not sure if the Effects has that or not. I calibrated the EX 1 but it still performs the same way. Toe down is full effect but heal down does not “zero” as it should even after calibrating. Sweeping down from full to goes from 100% to zero then back up to about 3-4% average with the heal all the way down. It’s frustrating for sure. The EX 1 pedals are cost effective and I like how they look. I feel Line 6 should create a line of their own external expression pedals for use with their Helix line instead of owners turning to 3rd party companies like Mission Engineering. I can’t help but to think that they are missing out on some serious revenue in that accessory area. In the mean time, upgrade the EX 1 or just take it off the market. On a completely different note... I’m a big fan of Line 6 products and also use their G90 wireless and I’m looking into a wireless headset mic system. Now if Line 6 would just get into wireless IEM systems they would have pretty much my entire live rig!
  4. Hey, gang! I’m just about to pull the trigger on a Helix and I as wondering if you could use a guitar and mic and separate the outputs? On my TC Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme I can run outputs separately with guitar out the left xlr output and vocals out the right. This is extremely useful as I can run each output direct into a PA and adjust each channel from there. The thing I’d like is using the Helix as a simultaneous guitar/vocal processor with each having its own processing path and output. Is this possible on the Helix? Thanks!
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