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  1. OK, a question on this. First, by "normal output" do you mean the preset's output block? (That's the one I used to use to control my master volume, via my expression pedal from 0 to +7dB. Basically I prefer a control range rather than a single boost footswitch.) Second, if I set my input to the PC+ at -3dB so that the signal LED is green with a little yellow, then won't the 0dB push it into the red? I guess there's a balance there... Thanks!
  2. (Apologies for writing a general forums question on the Helix forum, but I like the friendly Helix community :-) I'd like to create a poll but I couldn't find the feature anywhere. I found one example here, but I'm guessing it's a moderator-level restriction? Thanks!
  3. Thanks very much for your comment! Question: I'm not sure what you mean by "provide block unity gain" - would you please explain a bit more? Also, I'll often find a model that is significantly louder or quieter than others. The Fenders are the latter, IIRC. How do you adapt those? Do you up the output block's gain? Thanks again.
  4. Hi Folks. Been a Helix LT user for a number of years, never totally happy when using it with a QSC K10, so I got a PC 112 plus last week. I'm exploring it, but one question I have is how does one control the overall stage volume? I usually run my K10 gain at 100% and then use the LT volume knob to control overall volume - practice vs. stage. But I read elsewhere that I should basically reverse my approach by putting the Helix volume at 100% and using the PC+ knob to adjust overall volume. However, I know that adjusting the input gain feeding into the PC is important (yellow lights up sometimes, preferably not much red at all). My question is how does one add a boost (or an overall adjustment) from the Helix side? In the past I've had the expression pedal control each preset's output block gain b/w 0 db and 7 dB, which worked great as a general volume adjustment tool. But that means I go into the red during solos (say). I hope that's not too confused. Looking forward to your advice!
  5. Question: I've been using a QSC K10 for a few years with my LT, but I just got a PC+. I usually run my K10 gain at 100% and then use the LT volume knob to control overall volume - practice vs. stage. But you're saying I should basically reverse my approach by putting the Helix volume at 100% and using the PC+ knob to adjust overall volume, correct? Also, would you please point me to that recommendation? I didn't find it in the PC+ manual. Thx!
  6. Hey all. I've had my Helix LT for a few years, gigging maybe 20x with local rock cover bands, and I've yet to really love it in spite of lots of effort. I've always used it with a QSC K10 (1000w), and I'm sick of the boominess, which I'm not competent or patient enough to eliminate. (I've read about how to work around that characteristic resonance, and I've tried lots of things, but I'm sick of screwing with it.) After some thinking I've realized I'm on the less sophisticated end of the user spectrum, and that the Helix might be too complicated for me to get a good tone, given my skill. I've read many posts over the years, and I agree the UI is very intuitive, but I'm craving being able to easily dial in some good tones without too much tweaking, and I've yet to get there. Finicky endless tinkering with speakers, IRs, mics, low/high cuts, etc, is not my thing - all I want is a half dozen decent sounds (clean, crunch, overdriven, etc.) and some fx (which I've been pretty satisfied with - they feel much easier to use than amp/cabs). I'm now thinking the K10 is part of the problem, as are my expectations around "amp in the room". What currently has my attention is the Powercab 112 Plus, with my hope being it would be simpler and more satisfying. I'd use the Helix for preamps and fx, but bypass the cabs on the Helix in favor of the PC ones. No fussing with cabs! Sounds great in practice and at gigs! What could be simpler! Ha. But kidding aside, might this be a successful direction to pursue? Any advice? I truly believe "It's me, not Helix," but I'm at the end of my patience with the struggle. Thanks very much. K10 Details: I currently place the K10 on a milk crate behind me facing forward (to my back). I tried it on a pole, but at ear level it was harsh. (We play on tiny stages, so I can't place it back far enough to sound OK.) I use the second (non-EQ'd) channel/input.
  7. Damn that's helpful. I've been using a Helix LT through a QSC K10 (1000w) for a few years (very light local cover band gigging) and I really don't like the QSC, esp. the low freq boominess. I've read lots of posts on how to get rid of it, but frankly I'm sick of messing with it. I just want a half dozen good tones (clean to cruch to high gain) and some fx. I'm seriously considering the PowerCab Plus, using the speaker sims and bypassing the Helix cabs. (BTW did you say whether you're using the Helix cabs vs. PowerCab ones?)
  8. I'm totally loving the cali Texas ch1 for cleans. Both single and hb pickups. I also spent a lot of time with the us deluxe vib.
  9. @bsd512 Thanks very much for the info. I've been a Helix owner for a few years now, and I get good tones, but I've been avoiding playing around much with cabs, and with the stock cab settings (esp. mic choice, etc.) Given your experience bringing your IR knowledge to the stock cabs, would you be willing to share any guidelines/principles you've discovered? Even a few general pointers would be awesome, like mixing cabs with different mics, maybe a handful of mics to start with (and applications), etc. Apologies for the vague question, and for not having looked around the forum much. Either way, thanks again!
  10. Thanks a ton for all your replies, everyone! Super helpful!! Good question. Basically it would be too overwhelming for me to have a ton of presets, so I'm compromising with a small number of general purpose ones. That's just where I am right now. Hell, even wrapping my head around choosing a mic that's different from a stock cab's default makes me nervous. I may change as I delve into this :-)
  11. Hi All, I finally started playing with snapshots after having owned my LT for a few years and using it in cover bands. I'm now experimenting with the approach of using two amps (I think of them as one "clean", one "dirty") and snapshotting between them for various tones, along with some effects on stomp switches. Currently I have three presets (I haven't gig-tested this setup yet), each containing the same clean amp (US Deluxe Vib) and one of three different dirty amps depending on the type of song: Brit Plexi Jump (vintage), Cali Texas Ch 2 (country/single coil), and Cali Rectifire (modern). I've been using the stock Amp+Cab cabinets so I don't get overwhelmed. (I use two instead of three amps due to DSP limits, but a shared cab might fix that?) So far it's awesome, but I wonder if different amp choices might give me more versatility. So: What two amps (and their cabs) would you use for this kind of setup? Maybe I only need one preset with two different amps. I realize the choice is personal, but the application (a wide range from clean to dirty in a multi-decade rock cover band) might constrain it a bit. (I read that using the same cab for the amps works well and keeps things simpler.) Hopefully that's not too unclear a question :-O Thanks!
  12. I read elsewhere the this update has some important internal changes that enable the strobe tuner (screen refresh rate was improved), and supposedly other future improvements.
  13. As a frequent complainer about the old tuner, line 6 have hit the ball out if the park with the new strobe tuner. Side-by-side comparison with my Turbo Tuner: virtually identical performance, best I can tell. I have a gig tomorrow and I’m eager to try it live. Thanks!
  14. Hi Folks. I have a Hamer with Lollar P90s, and I haven't found a distorted tone I like. I play rhythm in a cover band, so I need a few overdriven presents - one vintage and one modern, basically. I don't use a ton of saturation, but I want something with gain along with articulation. I've been using the WhoWatt 100 and Brit J45 Brt (default cabs and mics) for vintage, and the Matchstick Ch2 for more modern sounds, but they all sound a little mushy. Maybe I need to tweak more, and possible cut back on the gains. I'd really appreciate hearing what works for you. Thanks!
  15. Did you ever come up with any presets you like? I have a Hamer with Lollar P90s, and I haven't found a distorted tone I like. I want something with gain, but articulation too. I've been using the various British amps (e.g., WhoWatt), which would probably work with a bunch of tweaking, but maybe I can use yours :-)
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