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  1. Hi All. I've been using my LT and PC with a 30' AES cable since I got the PC, and it works fine. I use the flat setting on the PC and I don't do any present speaker selecting, so the Plus is overkill (a secondary point), but I wonder about using a plain XLR instead. This would be better in case the AES cable fails because I have extra XLRs but not AES. I experimented with using an XLR and found that the PC's input gain light was lower (green more often) than when I use the AES cable. It would make it frustrating if I needed toswap out an XLR during an AES cable failure. So: Has anyone else noticed this output difference? Are there any advantages in my case for using the AES? I'd really appreciate your thoughts!
  2. 3.50.0, which still has the bug. Thank you.
  3. Hi All. I want to get my Helix LT (3.50.0) display (eight spots total - four in top row, four in bottom) to work like the following: during a song: top four: snaps, bottom four: stomps changing presets: (press UP or DOWN button): all eight: preset choices Fiddling with global settings and the MODE switch, I've been able to get #1 working, but UP/DOWN causes only the top 4 to show preset choices, leaving the bottom four showing stomps. It's probably something simple, but I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks! (Note: I'm still dealing with this bug, but I'm don't know if it's related to this post or not.)
  4. I hear you, and yes, I thought something similar, but it's the singer's band, he is good, moves around a lot, and great on stage. Also, there ain't much around my area at the moment, so I'm going for it. Who knows how it'll go, but that's the nature of bands in my experience. I'm treating it as a learning opportunity (always). Thanks!
  5. Hi Folks. I've been gigging with an LT since 2016, but I've always been one of two "melodic" (I could use a better term) instruments, either another guitar or keys. Now I've joined a neighborhood cover band (no studio work, just live shows) where it'll be drums, bass, guitar (me), and a non-playing singer. By nature I'm not an equipment tweaker (more of a just-the-basics type), and until now I've made do with a small set of general presets (clean, crunch, saturated; American, Brit, etc.) with a few stomps that give me enough flexibility to fill my role. But with my new position as sole guitarist, I'd like to better leverage the Helix's power. I'd love to get your thoughts on where I could stretch a little and apply the Helix to this situation. For example, I have a slight reverb on all patches (a recommendation I found here) but I don't use dual cabs, fancy paths (other than a continuation on the second line to get more CPU), multiple amps at once, delays, etc. Thanks! (Note that getting a fuller tone is part of my strategy, with the arguably more crucial one being coming up with great arrangements, working closely with the bass player, soloing differently, etc.)
  6. Re FRFR, there are many to choose from, and people have made almost any of them work from what I’ve read. I tried the QSC K10 and found I could not get rid of a low mid bump. Highs were harsh too, but that’s my experience. Ended up with a PowerCab 112+, which I like better. Note that the helix sounds best cranked up - I forget the technical name of that effect. Good luck!
  7. Hey Folks. I find myself using the three Solo models for much of my cover band gigging, but I'm not happy with my saturated lead (and sometimes rhythm) tone. I like the level of distortion in the OD channel, but it's harsh in the highs. I love how the crunch gets dirty, but the bottom end is flubby for those low leads. Any tips from you Solo lovers? Thanks!!
  8. Brilliant discovery, Mike. Question: Did you try a factory reset?
  9. Hi Folks. I'm having a strange problem with my LT. When using the BANK UP and BANK DOWN footswitch buttons on the left, I've sometimes seen display weirdness as I scroll. One time the bottom row was empty except for one preset, and at practice last night the bottom row showed all the same preset (see pic). Has anyone seen this before? Is there a fix? Thank you. Version: 3.11.0 ("Your Helix LT device is up to date with firmware version 3.11.") Mode: Performance View Global Settings: Footswitches: Stomp Select: Touch. Preset Mode Switches: Snap/Stomp. Snapshot Mode Switches: Auto Return. Up/Down Switches: Banks. Swap Up/Down: Off
  10. Hi Folks. Just now getting to trying this feature out. As others pointed out, the LT seems limited regarding the leftmost two (and rightmost 2?) footswitch buttons. Is it true that we cannot assign to these? If so, why should that be? Hardware-wise, is it any different conceptually that the non-LT? Thank you. (P.S. Note that HX Edit does let me assign in the Command Center window...)
  11. Sorry to hear about your trouble, tdawgg :-/ That might be something different from mine. Good luck.
  12. Worked! I should have recorded before and after settings - I wonder which of them made the difference. Something to do with the digital out I bet. Nice work L6.
  13. Hi Folks. I just updated my Helix LT from 2.8 to 2.90, and as I said, playing through my still-new-to-me Powercab 112 Plus doesn't sounds as crisp (nor quite as loud - based on the input signal LED) afterwards. The update apparently reset my global settings (I'm using digital out to the PC+) so I had to go in and set the one that turns off the big volume control for that output. Any ideas what might have happend? Thanks!
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm liking my PC+ after a month of trying it out at home. (No practice or gigs due to COVID-19.) I've noticed that almost all my presets have a too-strong resonance around 120Hz. It's annoying and I wonder if this is how it is with the PC design. Again, I'm in a small-ish room, so maybe it's better on stage. I'm using the parametric eq to subtract between 4 and 8 db depending on the amp/cab. I'm using the PC+ in FRFR mode, modeling everything in my Helix LT. Love to hear your thoughts!
  15. 112 Plus&sort=price|asc Used from $550
  16. I’m really enjoying my Powercab 112 Plus at home. It’s got a nice punch in flat mode. I have a Helix LT.
  17. Hey Folks, Digging my Powecab 112 Plus (haven't been able to try out side the bedroom - no band practices or gigs), and I'm exploring controlling the master volume via MIDI. I believe this is an undocumented feature, but I found mention elsewhere and I'm wondering if anyone is doing this. Here's the post ( ): I have no MIDI experience, but I'm hoping it's straightforward to tell the expression pedal to send a volume parameter message of some kind to control between a range. But if that's a global range (say 0 is no sound and 100% is full volume), then it would be a hassle having to adjust each preset according to the venue... (Obviously I haven't thought this out very far.) Just curious your thoughts. Thanks!
  18. Much obliged, @amsdenj. That's what I was thinking. I guess I set the PC+ input with the Helix at -3dB so that the PC+ LED is green with a little yellow flashing, and then trust that the increase to 0dB will not be red? Or is it vice versa (set PC+ input level for 0dB)? I'm also going to post a question about using MIDI to control the PC+ master, as another possible option...
  19. OK, a question on this. First, by "normal output" do you mean the preset's output block? (That's the one I used to use to control my master volume, via my expression pedal from 0 to +7dB. Basically I prefer a control range rather than a single boost footswitch.) Second, if I set my input to the PC+ at -3dB so that the signal LED is green with a little yellow, then won't the 0dB push it into the red? I guess there's a balance there... Thanks!
  20. (Apologies for writing a general forums question on the Helix forum, but I like the friendly Helix community :-) I'd like to create a poll but I couldn't find the feature anywhere. I found one example here, but I'm guessing it's a moderator-level restriction? Thanks!
  21. Thanks very much for your comment! Question: I'm not sure what you mean by "provide block unity gain" - would you please explain a bit more? Also, I'll often find a model that is significantly louder or quieter than others. The Fenders are the latter, IIRC. How do you adapt those? Do you up the output block's gain? Thanks again.
  22. Hi Folks. Been a Helix LT user for a number of years, never totally happy when using it with a QSC K10, so I got a PC 112 plus last week. I'm exploring it, but one question I have is how does one control the overall stage volume? I usually run my K10 gain at 100% and then use the LT volume knob to control overall volume - practice vs. stage. But I read elsewhere that I should basically reverse my approach by putting the Helix volume at 100% and using the PC+ knob to adjust overall volume. However, I know that adjusting the input gain feeding into the PC is important (yellow lights up sometimes, preferably not much red at all). My question is how does one add a boost (or an overall adjustment) from the Helix side? In the past I've had the expression pedal control each preset's output block gain b/w 0 db and 7 dB, which worked great as a general volume adjustment tool. But that means I go into the red during solos (say). I hope that's not too confused. Looking forward to your advice!
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