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  1. Thanks! Will try for sure! I tried my friends active monitor and it was so much better. Getting huge sounds with that monitor.
  2. Plugging stomp to power amp in didn't sound quite good. I also tried plugging it in on the front input and using the "acoustic amp type" on katana. Modeling an amp sounded actually much worse than the katana on its own. Cabinet sims ofcourse didn't sound right. Now, any recommendations for a FRFR type speaker or some other speaker? Also thanks for the answers, still learning.
  3. I have a question about using HX stomp with katana 50 MKII's power amp in. Is plugging the stomp to the power amp in ideal? Can I use the HX preamps, amps, cabs and IRs? Are preamps only option with that power amp? Katana's speaker isn't a FRFR speaker so is that a problem. Should I consider selling the katana and buying a FRFR?
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