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  1. I am in the same boat. I was lusting after a power cab, and one came up for sale locally. However, a Katana 100MKII also popped up - mint condition. The Katana was $240 dollars cheaper. First tests using power amp in seem very promising. I am still lusting after the power cab tho...not sure why.
  2. So with Helix recording into Logic Pro X - I record dual tracks (Helix stereo track on 1/2 and the dry track on USB7). For all I know, there is no way to control the USB 7 volume other than the guitar pad input? The reason I ask is the signal is way to hot. I am using pre fader metering to check levels in Logic Pro X as per instructions in this video Pre Fader Metering My track is basically full blown clipping at 0DB like so: even reducing the gain on the track inspector by -30 db is not solving the issue. How would one rectify this?
  3. I agree too. I get that everyone advocates that you really have to level patches by ear and that's even joked about in the name of the release for this particular firmware - however I'm not sure what the meter's tell me at all in its current iteration
  4. Last night I was having odd behaviour from my Helix. I was testing a bass with really noisey pickups and I was playing in a bass preset and it was super noisey and I was picking up electrical interference for sure. To test I plugged in my LTD Eclipse (another guitar with active pickups) and I was getting the same electromagnetic noisey. If I turn away, it would clear up, but it was not great - as I played the guitar, the buzz was loud (all signs online point to the wiring being the issue) but this guitar is BRAND new and was working perfectly 2 days ago. Eventually the signal sounded like it was 'dying' - that sound as if it was cutting out or limp, no drive, no feeling. I was freaking out. I thought my Helix was having electrical issues or about to break. Now today, its totally fine. I am kind of worried as I don't know if there is actually something wrong with it, or if it was a one off? I did all the things like try new cables, plug into different outlets, etc. Anyone have any idea what may have been happening?
  5. Adding to this..I wish HX Edit employed more "computer" features. For example, we have 1024 presets - I would love there to be filters where I could say "show me all presets with Cali rectifier" amp models, etc.... or the same thing with FX. That way, across all my preset banks, HX edit would show me those patches. If I am feeling in a 'metal' mood, I can show all my 'metal' presets vs. country ones, etc.
  6. I also never seem to get one with dual amps - never a massive 'improved' sound to justify doing it
  7. How are you doing this in Helix? A separate eq block like the cali eq ?
  8. xmacvicar

    Helix 2.9

    Had to turn off email notifications for this thread :( I just want 2.9
  9. It really is a night and day difference. I'm going to do a sound clip comparison and host it here. This would be the mesa helix 4x12 vs a third party IR
  10. I will say for the longest time I was against IRs. I figured dialing In great tones with built in cabs was possible and ir was not needed. Well lollipop. Tonight I was working with my Adam Jones tool patch and I loaded up an IR based on a Mesa cab and holy lollipop. Helix came to life. Doing an A/b comparison is night and day. Built in cab sounds weak and lifeless. IR patch sounds huge and alive. Just no comparison!!!
  11. Please see: https://imgur.com/NEZ14xg The native input shows that its well below hot, but the fader shows me just about to hit 0.....i am a recording newbie - just hoping for an easy explanation?
  12. Hey folks! I am finally diving into IR's after all this time owning my helix. Seeing that all these IR packs you can purchase come with often, hundreds if not thousands of IR's, how do you go about testing all possibilities here? Given that you can only load so many IR's on the Helix itself. Do you just keep replacing IR's in the same slot to test? Eventually want the IR library in the helix to be your 'final' set of IR's, not a bunch of test ones?
  13. Took it to my guitar shop. We discovered the bridge pickup (by tapping on the outer housing) is pinging non stop - obviously something not happening on other guitars or on the neck pickup. They are gonna disassemble and adjust or insulate it or something? Either way, waiting to hear back from them!
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