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  1. Copying and pasting/exporting and importing the presets I made into different slots didn't work, so for now I'm afraid starting from scratch is the only option for now. Saving the preset doesn't retain snapshot changes on presets made on previous versions. The manual also says: "Snapshots automatically store the current bypass (on/off) state for all processing blocks. Therefore, all block bypass states are recalled when jumping from snapshot to snapshot, and appear as you last left them.", which is not happening on those same presets.
  2. Not sure if it qualifies as a bug, but... Right after the update, I tried snapshots on presets I created from scratch and none of them were being saved. Then today I tried on a factory preset and it worked. Then it hit me - I created my presets on PREVIOUS versions! So in case someone tried and failed, try again on a factory preset or create ANOTHER preset from scratch (copying and pasting does NOT work)
  3. I have found some scaterred info on the MIDI topic, but not exactly what I want, so here it is: I wanted to use the POD XT Live as a foot controller for POD Farm/UX 2. Is it possible via MIDI? And if yes, to what extent (like, can I use the expression pedal to work with volume/wah/bender)? I have both the USB cable and a M-Audio UNO. Thanks in advance
  4. Yeah, that's why I mentioned that this is for practice only (I want to use the microphone in from the UX 2 at the same time), to record I'll use either one or the other.
  5. I just got a POD Studio UX2, and although I can get quite good tones from POD Farm, I would still like to use my POD XT Live through it (mainly for switching effects and to use the Wah pedal), not necessarily for recording, just for practicing. Can I plug the output from PD XT into the normal instrument input? I tried using the line inputs, but got nothing. Just want to make sure I don't blow up the UX2. One more thing: I only have guitars with passive pickups. I don't know if this is any relevant.
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