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  1. @datacommando i did read that a dry joint can be an issue. thankfully my patches are pretty locked. and the editor is there... just wondered if I'd missed a trick. cheers. M
  2. @MusicLaw To be honest I'm pretty sure it's not user error. I've had my Helix for 5 years plus and done many updates. I'm also one of the people who reads manuals and follows instructions for Line 6. But cheers for the reply. @datacommando done all of that - but no joy. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies. @PierM yea I tried that - after an initial google search changing that has no effect.
  4. Hello, I updated my helix yesterday and after I did the knob you turn to scroll through amps etc. has stopped working - it dose move things back and forth, and the click is working, but if I turn it it won't scroll? I this just a fluke that as I updated my helix it broke? Or has a setting been changed? Or is it a bug in the firmware? Or any kind of user error??? Any thoughts, suggestions much appreciated. Thanks Mark
  5. I find most IR packs to overwhelming... so many options. by I like the ones in the M Britt Helix patches. Not only are the patches great you get a nice selection of IR's. http://mbritt.com/product/m-britt-helix-preset-pack-1/ M Britt is well respected in the Kemper world.
  6. thanks all of the above some good tips, advice and reading there.
  7. first world problem if ever there was one... I thought I'd take a trip into the rabbit hole of IR's, why... because they are there! :) I bought the Ownhammer Core Tone Bundle after a bit of research and I'm sure it's very good... but I found it so overwhelming, too many files, too much choice that after a couple of evenings I just deleted them off the helix and vowed never to go there again. Until I got the free Allure pack - I have to say I thought it was great - just a few flies to play with and I got some good sounds really quickly. I know this is all the falut of the user (me) and I know that IR's if you know what you are doing are very useful tools - but did anyone else just get too overwhelmed and would just like more simple packs where some says here's one or two - just use them IR for dummies I guess... anyone else find this? Any other very simple packs people recomened? Cheers Mark
  8. @Verne-Bunsen thanks for that. perfect. out of interest could you do that with this type of switch? (I have a spare one)
  9. I have an old what that i converted into an expression pedal. Is it possible to use the switch on wah to turn on/off the effect. having the expression going into EXP2 via one cable. and a separate cable going into EXP3 acting as an on/off switch? cheers mark
  10. Thanks for that... I was being stupid and for the life of me couldn't find it! Cheers
  11. Spent the last half hour looking and no joy. Updated my Helix to 2.20... but no idea how to update my editor which is 2.10 and can't see the new effects... Love my Helix... hate trying to find software and do updates! :) thanks Mark
  12. Actually got that working last night - but I do need an FX loop on the pedal to do what I really want to do. Cheers for that.
  13. as Mr. Simpson likes to say DOH! Of course that will happen - I really didn't think that through... but now you've said it of course that make sense. there's £4 wasted :) What I'm trying to do is make it so the signal from the 'out' of the freeze can have effects but the guitar sound that you play over the top has no effects added. But I don't think that can be done as the Freeze doesn't have an FX loop like the Superego. I have a Pedal Plus sustain pedal on order that can do that - but they don't ship till June so bought a cheap Freeze to play with while that's coming.
  14. It was fun to play around - but in the end I bought a S/H Freeze (then modded it to take an external expression pedal :) ) I'm now going to split the signal so the freeze has a path of it's own to add effects to without effecting the guitar sound using a Y splitter and have one input into the guitar in and one into the AUX (freeze). The helix is just so good when you want to try things.
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