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  1. Awesome. I'm on a roll now. Just need to balance some volumes and tweak some tones and I hope to gig with it (using that preset w/ snapshots) Saturday. Hoped to kick it's tires some more today before work but ... life got in the way again... lol
  2. BINGO!!!! lol! Yes, that was it! I was just starting to type and noticed the new messages. I took your "build kingdom" preset and analyzed it over and over and noticed the strings were all white in helix edit. I right clicked and seen they were all snapshots as well. Changed that on my patch and viola! chuskey, thx I'll ck out your patch as well. Thx for sharing. Thank you so much everyone Dave
  3. Right, my hope though is to have the capo'd tuning "ONLY" for the acoustic. When I leave that snapshot I want to be in regular tuning. How can I get it to release that tuning when I leave that snapshot? I tinkered putting a tuning in a different snapshot but that took over the tuning in the acoustic snap shot. Needing these to be independent/per snapshot Dave
  4. So it's working in general now. One issue is that I can't keep a tuning in one snap shot that doesn't move over to the other snapshot. How do I keep them separate? Thx SO MUCH for the help folks! Dave
  5. Wow, I must be thick. lol! I did right click and selected snapshots on both preset variax model and preset variax tuning. Saved, but I still here electric guitar and mp drop d. Sorry. ..
  6. I think I stumbled across how to save the variax settings, but I'm still missing something. It's not saving it and "sounding like an acoustic in drop d for instance. Dave
  7. Darn, I can't get past step 2. ) press the Page Right Button to navigate to Input Block Page 2 I press page right with the block highlighted and get nothing. Dave
  8. That would be awesome! Thx I am still banging around but stuck figuring out how to save the variax's capo'd setting and it's model.
  9. Thx, but I keep getting this error in the file. Tried it on this one as well as the other time you attached it. :-( Well I can't figure out how to attach a pic, but it says failed to import preset, a model used in the preset is not recognized code -8312 Dave
  10. lol! So a funny story … well at least it's funny to me so err.. I'll share it. I have been a long time James TAYLOR fan. Very influenced by his picking, fretting etc. His use of hammer on’s pull offs, suspended 2nd, 4th and so on influences me to this day and is heard in much of my playing. So then I hear about this James TYLER guitar that for years I thought was a James TAYLOR. What does James Taylor have to do with an electric guitar? Took several years for me to notice it’s TYLER
  11. Hello everyone. I am looking for 1 preset that would allow me to go back and forth from a standard electric that I can have modeled possibly with my variax of course clean and dirty, but then with a stomp of a footswitch go to an acoustic tone that would also be possibly capo'd. Press the fs again and I'm back to an uncapo'd, non acoustic variax modeled electric guitar. I messed around trying to assign one path to a fs and it shuts off the other path but that doesn't seem to do it. Looking for insight on how to attack this and hoping someone has already tackled this with a preset I can modify to me needs. Wondered if snapshots could be a better answer etc. but I'm still newbie enough to just be dangerous rather than effective. lol! Many thanks for your input. Dave
  12. Ir Suggestions? Suggestion for IR? Music genres: Blues, classic rock, sometimes country. Making friends with my helix LT and just made my first dual amp patch. :-)
  13. Wow, L6 (like so many others) does everything humanly possible not to talk to someone. Took 10 minutes to finally find a screen to ask them a direct question. Sent to forums, faq's etc. 5 different times. Anyhow, I've tried to order Helix native software on a mac computer, on a mac notebook using chrome and safari and now today on a windows computer using chrome and IE and no matter what program I use it won't work. I am logged in and I choose a version. I click add to cart... and it refreshes and again asks me to add to cart. Over and over, no matter what computer or browser I use. I tried the windows stuff today at work. Nothing works.
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