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  1. mrmykl

    Is my HD500 dead?

    Hi. I stepped on the barrel of the power supply for my HD500. It broke. I found what I THOUGHT was the right size barrel to replace it, soldered it on to the existing power supply. It reads 9v and the center pole is negative. HD500 does not power on. So... Is there a way to user a multi meter to test the HD500 itself without supplying power to it? It's my backup pedal now, I can't imagine playing without my Helix, but I could really use it for teaching and backup. And I doubt it's worth sending in, I could most likely buy another one cheaper than having it fixed by an authorized service center. I can solder and have actually replaced the model selection knob on this already. But it won't fire up. Any clue? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. If you do wind up needing a new Ghost system.  I may be pulling one out of a guitar I built a couple of years ago.  It's even got the synth module and data cable.  I never really used the synth so I'm going to do something different with the switches.  I could pull the whole system out and sell it.

  3. Hey, everyone, I have a Variax standard that I have purchased Graphtech Ghost pickups for to replace the Baggs it came with. I've done this before on my trusty 300 (which I have gigged for ten years and rarely had a problem with...). Problem is the pickups I bought look different. Without thinking I immediately cut the wire on one to start stripping down the two wires (ground and signal) and it seems like the ground on this new pickup is only one strand of copper running just under the sheath. Last time it was two (albeit very small) silver wires. These are black and seemingly only separated at the tips for the Acoustiphonic system's fittings. So, question: 1. Anybody even put Ghost pickups in a standard yet? Any words of wisdom, encouragement or warnings? Or pictures of the install? 2. Did I just brick a pickup and now need to find an older set of the Ghost pickups that are silver wires? 3. Anybody figure out how to load 1.9 in a standard without a JTV motherboard? Really love those acoustic sounds...thank you in advance for any help you can provide!
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