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  1. If you do wind up needing a new Ghost system.  I may be pulling one out of a guitar I built a couple of years ago.  It's even got the synth module and data cable.  I never really used the synth so I'm going to do something different with the switches.  I could pull the whole system out and sell it.

  2. I have a standard Onyx with 3 single coils. I'm thinking about replacing the pickups as well. Do you have a diagram for the 3 single coil configuration?
  3. I've got #304. Wasn't there something official about 500 or 1000 a while ago?
  4. For Bedroom playing, you might look at the Laney IRT-X. That's what I have hooked up when my Helix is under my desk. I think I got mine on sale for $350.
  5. Especially now that we have an Editor, I'd like to see a way to put notes in each of the patches. If there are notes on a Customtone, it would be nice if their notes automatically loaded into the new notes field.
  6. I'm having a similar problem with mine. One of the scribble strips shows that it's lit, but won't display anything. If I leave it on for a while it sometimes shows garbled text. I got around the 15th of December and it had been working fine until yesterday. I'm also having problem with uploading patches. About half the time I get a message that the Helix is "offline" during the transfer. The only solution I've been able to find is to power down and start over. I'll call tech support on Monday.
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