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  1. It's a shame that Line 6 are still having screen and display drop outs over a year and half after the release. You would think and have hoped that it was sorted by now. One good thing is, PMT were fantastic and i received a brand new Helix direct from Germany within days. I'm guessing that Sweetwater is an american dealer and would expect that any new unit they source for you wouldn't be coming from Europe. A year and three month later....its still all good, although it does leave me checking again every time I turn the thing on. good luck
  2. ATSOL

    Impulse responses

    Hello Guys I'd like to start using third party impulse responses into my patches but dont really know how to start using them. I've had the helix for two months and as everyones aware theres been many updates in that time. So when I'm building a new patch and go to the IR section and its empty is this correct or have any that may have been there now been over written.. I know there are many sites where i can buy IR's but have seen helix youtube sites about Patch building that have shown some already in there. Am I correct in thinkng that they must have been added by the owner. Can anyone direct me to a site with free IR's to get me started and tell me if there should have been any already in the helix IR drop-down already.
  3. I OCD with looking after my pedals and the Helix is worth looking after more than most. The Mat Black area around the display panel and knobs is very hard to keep grease free and clean. You shouldn't clean it with polish or a cloth as it will make it shiny. By accident I've found the perfect solution. In the UK we call it scellotape. Not to tacky. Gently lay a piece of the tape onto the greasy area and press down. Pull it off slowly and the grease also is removed with the tape. Re-use the same piece of tape again for a second attempt on suborn areas. WELL IT WORKS FOR ME.
  4. Great News. Just received my replacement Helix which looks like it may have come direct from Germany to my dealer, PMT. It came with Firmware 104 pre-loaded so am expecting and hoping it 's another brand new unit, it looks 100%. Can I please thank everyone who's added to this thread as your own issues and comments have been great to read. :) Lastly a big thanks to PMT Romford London they've been brilliant throughout regarding having this faulty helix replaced. Special thanks to Chris at PMT. :)
  5. Lets hope you both have better luck next time. keep in touch.
  6. These are the three screens affected. another new line today. its seems that when the units on for a few minutes after the first turn on of the day another line pops up. see next post for last pic.
  7. Just called line6 regarding my faults (Germany) they said that this is the first time that they have heard about this type of fault and that I must get the item replaced via my dealer PMT. They also said that the warranty is two years in Europe and one year in US..Going to start the long road getting helix changed with PMT as soon as they open..
  8. Our thoughts are the same regarding the warranty situation. I sold my Boss GT10 to help pay for this and it was as good as the day it was made, many years later. Needless to say I'll need to see a little love and a much bigger warranty from line6 to rebuild my confidence in them.I've shown them my commitment, all £1070.00 of it.
  9. Strange, turned the Helix on this morning and there's even more drop-outs. 30 pixels
  10. Thank you for your comments phil, lets hope your correct regarding the warranty. Hoping that the Helix is replaced though as its only days old and a mindfull that it may be a problematic batch issue. Happy New year from London.
  11. In my view the Helix is a massive investment for Line 6 in both financial and brand reputation terms, so I think these are only teething problems. However everyone who’s purchased this expensive tour grade unit is expecting it to be 100% perfect, not just for a year but for many years. At £1070.00 it’s a massive investment for me so I’m not happy that it only comes with a one year warranty, when hardware fault are there from new. If they have confidence in their own product that they tell us was 4 years in development. Then they should provide a 2 year warranty until its track record is better established. To gig and have confidence in it, it must be reliable from the start so Line 6, Yamaha will need to regain mine and the faiths of the others who are sitting there with hardware faults however small.
  12. Hello sorry to hear of the issues you are having but I'm also finding screen faults. Mine arent as serious as you have experienced however I'm hoping they don't escalate. Scribble strips have drop-outs on footswitchs 7&11 with vertical black lines when eluminated. Can't help thinking that there may be problems in the manufacturing of PCBs display edge connections. Many other members have contacted me with similar screen faults.
  13. When did you receive your Hx, because I'll not accept anything other than a brand new and sealed replacement. No repairs. I've been receiving feedback from so many of you guys " thanks " just amazed to see so many others with this ridiculous fault. I'll like to know if this is a batch problem or a major design issue.
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