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  1. Ianfleet


    Thanks Guys I just got mine it is number 320. which surprised me as i thought it was arun of 300? Thanks Fleety
  2. Ianfleet


    Hi Can anyone tell me how many "Onyx Limited Edition" guitars were made? Thanks Ian
  3. Ianfleet

    Got the new FBV 3 to go with my Amplifi 150

    Hi I have amplify 75 and FBV 3, Same issue with the manual, not much in it. The FBV Pilots Guide, did tell me that I could download the FBV control application (not the App for iPad or I phone, which I have and it works great) for MAC. I have downloaded the user manual which is very good. I connected my FBV 3 into laptop and went to "line 6 Monkey" and the installer does not list the FBV 3 in the drop down box. So something is missing here. Thanks Line 6 FBV Con