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  1. The really sad thing is that the Line 6 product management people are not even listening. They just throw stuff out there for the sake of "innovating", and think we will just "lap it up". Don't get me wrong, some stuff is really quite good and some other stuff like the FB3 is a clear "miss-by-a-mile".
  2. This is why I returned mine. Over $400 Canadian with taxes! No way this product is ready for prime time. I tried to sell my Amplifi 150 online but no takers, so rather than getting low-balled. I am keeping it with my other two amps. It controls well enough with my iPhone.
  3. The FBV-3 was a complete let-down with over-pricing and under delivering. The tuner was the worse I had used ever. My mobile phone did a better job. I used the refund $'s from my FBV-3 to buy an almost new Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb amp. Straight-up amp with nothing fancy-shmancy. And it is a stage amp. No complications with my three pedals I use always (Ibanez TS-808, TC Electronic Corona Chorus and Boss TU-3 Tuner. No fuss, no muss.
  4. Announcing to all that I am returning this FBV 3. The tuner on it SUCKS and it is an overall disappointment. My pedalboard with a Boss TU-3 Tuner, Corona Chorus and Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808, provides me with all I need with a plain American Amp setup (no effects). $404 Canadian of overkill and under-deliver.
  5. Other than the MK2 may be a sunset product (meaning eventually phased out), I am sticking to the FBV 3 for now or I may sell it and my Amplify 150.
  6. Of course NOT! Either the FBV Control software; the Remote App or the Amplifi firmware itself, would need updating for that to even happen (if even possible).
  7. Update: Line6 posted some new firmware and software updates on May 16. The firmware of the FBV 3 was update to 1.01.00 and the Line6 Control app is now updated to 1.06, covering the FBV 3 pedal. While indicating bug fix and improvement, Line6 continues to baffle it's community of users with a lack of sufficient information. Oh, and one final joke is the FBV 3 "Crash Guide (aka Pilot's Guide), which has been updated with marginally more (but useless) information.
  8. @Line6Tony, been there, done that. Like I posted, you make great products and force us to guess at how to use them thanks to virtually vapid "Pilot s Guides". If they were truly "Pilot's Guides", we wouldn't crash so often! When are you going to "get it" and provide better manuals and speedier software and firmware updates? The FBV 3 guide is about as useless a doc as I have ever read! The Tech Support knows even less about the unit than I do! I had to explain it to him! Granted you have a fair bit of products but you need to work on that KB (knowledgebase). If it weren't for this community, you guys would be in even more serious trouble.
  9. Trés cool. Please share your impressions with us all.
  10. Just added the FBV 3 to mine. Very impressed and disappointed at the same time. Check the other thread on that at http://line6.com/support/topic/20363-got-the-new-fbv-3-to-go-with-my-amplifi-150/ Many of the features claimed with the Firehawk 1500 are not available. It's is a software thing I am sure. I hope this get resolved in the future software releases.
  11. You can always use the AUX IN for your music and skip the BT except for tone setting.
  12. I have used my Amplifi 150 in several stage gigs (miked of course) and have never been disappointed.
  13. The FBV 3 has NO delay. Gkf9 had posted about a LOOPER function and I suspect that this is related to the amp you use. The Spider has a LOOPER, but I didn't get what kind of amp Gkf9 had.
  14. Hey man, According to the web page, the Spider IV 75 is only compatible with FBV2, FBV Express MkII, FBV Shortboard MkII. http://line6.com/spider-guitar-amp/compare/
  15. I need to look. One sec. Nope. Unless I can access this in the FBV or through the amp - not there.
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