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Found 13 results

  1. I've love experimenting with all my new Line 6 gear, but I'm having a simple problem (or user error :-P ). I'm trying to create a loop with my FBV3 board and the videos all look so simple. It appears that the "Function" switch on my footboard is not engaging. By that I mean when I press the Function switch the LED around the switch should light up in white or some other colors. It does not. I may be doing something wrong. but I don't think that I am. (Setup Guitar and FBV3 plugged into->AmplifiTT plugged into->PowerCab) Hopefully, it's something simple to fix/correct.
  2. mmas

    Bank selection

    I've tried to switch banks on my Amplifi 150, using the Bank Up / Bank down arrows on my FBV 3. But I cannot get out of Bank 1 (01A Fidelity rhythm, 01B Lead the way, 01C American Clean, 01D Ambient Delays). When I click the Bank up arrow, it flashes 02A Bank Up, but remains on the previous selection (01A Fidelity rhythm). So to me, it appears as though the other 24 Banks are empty. Would someone be able to offer any instruction. I feel sure it's really simple... Thanks.
  3. It appears that there is a new firmware update for the FBV 3 ( 1.01.00. I've downloaded the file and have what I believe is the latest version of Line 6 Monkey (1.72). Line 6 Monkey doesn't seem to have any menu options specific to the FBV 3. How the #!$% do you update the firmware? I've tried to select the FBV shortboard Mrk II, but that always fails. Any suggestions? Are we stuck waiting for an update to Monkey to get updates on our gear? Thanks!
  4. Here are the controls for Spider IV amps (75,120,150, HD150) when using the FBV 3 foot controller. FS1: Boost on/off FS2: FX1 (Gain, Auto, Pitch) FS3: FX2 (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo) FS4: FX3 (Delay, Tape Echo, Sweep Echo) FS5: Reverb on/off Function: turns on looper mode. Tap button: will start and stop the recording, overdubs, playback within looper mode. NOTE: FBV3 will not work as a computer editing interface for Spider IV amps. FBV Express MKII and FBV Shortboard MKII pedals will work for editing. When using the FBV3 with your Spider IV, make sure you have the latest flash memory (v1.02) installed for your FBV controller. You'll find the Line 6 Updater located here: Download and install Line 6 Updater, then connect your controller to your Mac or PC with a standard USB cable. Line 6 Updater will ask you to login, and then run the latest update for the controller.
  5. Hi all. I've just purchased an FBV 3 board to go with my Spider IV 75. Firstly, I'm not happy that all the literature I've read before purchasing says the board is compatible with the amp. In reality, as I'm sure many of you are finding, this board is barely properly compatible with anything. Aside from the LEDs not working as advertised, I can't use it to update the firmware on the amp (WTF not?!). I also can't update the firmware on the board at the moment because despite it costing just £20 less than the amp itself, there is no USB cable included. How cheap can you get? I was prepared to make my peace with all that until I plugged it in and found, basically, that it didn't work. I'd have been better off playing catch with a kitchen knife than using the supplied manual, so after much pushing of buttons, and turning on & off suddenly, and for no obvious reason, it started working just fine. That was until I dared to use the tuner via the board. Since then basically every button is either unresponsive or takes 6-7 presses to have any effect. The pedal does not switch between volume & wah. I've tried another Ethernet cable which has had no effect. I might just have been unlucky and got a duff product, but I've read enough to suggest not. Can anyone suggest any way for me to fix it, or suggest why I should keep something that is, essentially, useless. I'm just glad I've kept the packaging. Thanks for your help/advice.
  6. hi guys, I have the Spider IV 150 with the MKII for editing and I just got the FBV 3 so I could assign more than 4 presets to banks and channels. problems is, when I plug the FBV in, the tap light keeps blinking, random FS banks light up and I cant save any presets from my amp to the footswitch. I can scroll through them all and holding amp buttons, footswitch buttons etc.... but that doesn't help. do any of you know how to assign settings that are in my amp, to banks on the footswitch? ive tried selecting function and scrolling to the particular preset, then holding A-D but then when I switch to FS2, its the same ones that are active on my amp. Am I making sense?
  7. Hi everyone, So I go my FBV 3 foot controller to go with my Amplifi 150. It is strong on the build site and grotesquely weak on the documentation side. Thanks Line 6 for putting all the guesswork in our hands. The instructions (all 3 x ½ pages) are about as useless as you can get. I finally figured out how to change switch banks but still can't figure out how to change the LED colours of the upper row. If anyone has knowledge to share with regards to this setup, please let me know. Thanks everyone. - JP
  8. The Line 6 FBV 3 has an update mode. You can use this if your firmware update fails for any reason. Press and hold down Footswitch 1 and the A footswitch and then plug in the USB cable to power on. You'll see the LCD screen say Update Mode. The Line 6 Updater will still see the FBV to allow you to run the update process again.
  9. I purchased the FBV 3 for use with the Line 6 Amplifi series. I have the Amplifi TT and added the FBV 3 to added foot control functionality. The device works GREAT with the exception of the use of the LED capabilities. The description by Line 6 is misleading in that the LED color functionality only works with a couple of their devices. Line 6 notes this in the ultra small print "Assignable color LEDs available for use with Firehawk 1500 & Spider V only". I am not impressed. Does anyone have insight into when this makes it's way to the top of the list? Cheers!
  10. Hi! I hope someone got some answer to my newest problem. I just got the FBV3 to go with my Spider Jam. The problem is that the FBV3 display only shows the name of the patch that was selected when i turned the amp off the last time. When I change patch the new patchnumber shows but the name doesn't change. Anyone got a clue our maybe have the same issue? Best regards //Olle
  11. Greetings, Recently purchased a Spider V/120. Immediately I see that I will need a foot controller; I think I knew that but I wanted validation. My brain (wallet) tell me that the Mk II Shortboard is a good deal now at $149.00 Vs the FBV 3 Pro for $249.00. Functionally, it seems the Shortboard does everything one would need, well except, of course, for the pretty lights. I like the pretty lights. Other than the aforementioned pretty lights and the updated buttons/looks, are there any substantive differences? I'm really tired of wasting my money and if there is no real value I would really prefer to know up front. Thanks for any advice anyone may offer. It is much appreciated. Regards, wtrawick North End Studio Anchorage AK
  12. Hi! I hope someone got some answer to my newest problem. I just got the FBV3 to go with my Spider Jam. The problem is that the FBV3 display only shows the name of the patch that was selected when i turned the amp off the last time. When I change patch the new patchnumber shows but the name doesn't change. Anyone got a clue our maybe have the same issue? Best regards //Olle
  13. I just got my Firehawk 1500 and FBV 3 controller. Everything is great so far but I am having a problem. I can rock the volume pedal to its minimum setting but if I change channels, the volume pedal setting is reset and the new channel plays at normal volume. Is there a way to make the volume pedal "global" so that changing channels does not override the volume pedal setting? Thank you. Steve Lockridge
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