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  1. Thanks Joseff77. That did it. Would be nice if Line 6 did a better job of explaining the process to those of us new to hardware. This wasn't covered in the Pilot's guide and the entry I saw in my previous link was just the one for the file, seems like they could have a comment with the file downloads saying "You will need the Line 6 updater App"...with a direct link. Not that hard. Thanks again.
  2. It appears that there is a new firmware update for the FBV 3 (http://line6.com/software/index.html) 1.01.00. I've downloaded the file and have what I believe is the latest version of Line 6 Monkey (1.72). Line 6 Monkey doesn't seem to have any menu options specific to the FBV 3. How the #!$% do you update the firmware? I've tried to select the FBV shortboard Mrk II, but that always fails. Any suggestions? Are we stuck waiting for an update to Monkey to get updates on our gear? Thanks!
  3. I've had my FBV 3 for a few weeks now, using it with an Amplifi 75. Here are my impressions. 1. Much more effective for tone switching than the mobile device app. 2. Lack of functioning color switches with the Amplifi is a problem. You have to basically remember which function switch links to the effect you want to enable/disable. It's locked on the board, but as soon as you change the order in the app, things get much more challenging. The app should really show you the FS assignment with the pedal & the color coding should be made to work. I agree with what some other's here have said. This seems like a bit of false adverting, if particular configs are needed to get what is advertised, that should be far more clear. 3. There's minimal documentation in the "Pilot's Guide". From my experience, this is sadly typical of Line 6. At this point it seems mostly targeted towards the Firehawk 1500. For me, this board does exactly what I was hoping for. It makes tone switching much faster and it give better control for volume. I think if you are just combining with an Amplifi, as a practice setup it's still pretty sweet. I don't know that it is a great performance rig. I hope Line 6 does spend some more time improving the experience. Getting the advertised color LEDs working will make a huge difference.
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