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  1. yeah, that's what I figured. right now, FS2-5 do absolutely nothing. all I can do is change between the 4 ABCD channels for the active bank. I ended up ordering a used MKII. I need this to work for our show next week.
  2. with the mkII or with this one? im trying to figure out if its defective or im doing it wrong. i emailed Line 6 but havent heard back.
  3. ugh.... that means 80% of the board is non functional. do i need the older Line 6 FBV Shortboard MkII?
  4. it says online its compatible. the only thing it cant do is live edits, whatever that is. The strange thing is that random switches light up and when I switch from FS1 to one of the others, the lights don't go out. It was an open box purchase, I wonder if its bad. I can scroll through everything but can only switch through what is active on my amp. Line 6 FBV 3 Pro Foot Controller Features: Control for a wide variety of Line 6 amplifiers including: Spider V Firehawk 1500 POD HD Pro POD HD Pro X POD HD AMPLIFi 150 AMPLIFi 75 AMPLIFi TT Spider IV HD150 Spider IV 15, 30, 75, 120, 150 Spider Valve Mkii Spider III HD150, HD75 Spider III 75, 120, 150 Spider Jam
  5. hi guys, I have the Spider IV 150 with the MKII for editing and I just got the FBV 3 so I could assign more than 4 presets to banks and channels. problems is, when I plug the FBV in, the tap light keeps blinking, random FS banks light up and I cant save any presets from my amp to the footswitch. I can scroll through them all and holding amp buttons, footswitch buttons etc.... but that doesn't help. do any of you know how to assign settings that are in my amp, to banks on the footswitch? ive tried selecting function and scrolling to the particular preset, then holding A-D but then when I switch to FS2, its the same ones that are active on my amp. Am I making sense?
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