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  1. Here are some recovery steps if the update fails when using HX Edit, or Line 6 Updater on your system. Make sure your laptop is connected to power, or be sure to check your USB cable connections. If you're on a desktop system, we recommend connecting to the rear USB ports near the power source. 1) Download and install the latest version of HX Edit BEFORE you run the update. This installation will also include the latest drivers. If you're on a Windows computer, it may be helpful to restart after the installation. 2) Put your Helix into update mode, by pressing and holding buttons 6 and 12 while you power on the Helix. For the HX Stomp, press and hold down the RIGHT page button while power on the device. (You may get a blank screen that is white, or black - this is normal for the HX Stomp) 3) Use Line 6 Central or the Line 6 Updater (NOT HX Edit) to run the latest firmware update again. Make sure only Line 6 Central or the Line 6 Updater is running during the update, close all other recording applications. (If the Helix is in update mode, it should show up on the screen when updater is open after you sign-in. If the Helix doesn’t appear, try re-booting the Helix normally, you should also try different USB ports on your Mac or PC).
  2. Problem: After upgrading to their Mac OSX system, some mac users found that some apps can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. A dialog box pops up, click "OK" button and the application will close. Solution: Make sure you have dragged the installer package to /Applications to complete the installation. Our users have found that dragging the package into the Applications folder works best. This package appears after the installer .dmg file is opened. Problem: If you try to open the installer you downloaded, and you are blocked by the Mac System. You may need to disable the Gatekeeper within your system preferences. You may see a prompt like this: Solution: 1. Go to “System Preferences” then “Security & Privacy”. Under the General tab, you will see a message at the bottom, “Line 6 Updater.pkg was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer.” 2. Click on “Open Anyway” and the application will be opened.
  3. EDIT (my solution and conclusion): Found many people with this issue, a solution thread of 20 pages (full of arrogant RTFM comments), some useless YT-videos etc. It all comes down to this: The software is just BAD. Don't use the updater. It looks like software from 1999, it is so small on a full HD screen, that i had to walk over to my TV to be able to read it, and (qoute from the solution thread): It does not like USB hubs. ROFL There should be a sticker on the box, something like "this device needs updates but does not like computers, don't buy it if you are not a computer nerd, can't read at lightning speed all night or don't own a magnifying glass." a) i tried three printer cables b) i tried ALL of my eight USB ports c) i uninstalled the updater (uninstall routine told me there were errors while uninstalling, although i only had installed it an hour ago, so that part of the software is broken, too) and installed HX edit b) it finally worked with my shortest USB cable on the very first USB 3.0 port and only with the HX Edit software. So it seems that either the updater program, that is integrated into the edit software, works better than the standalone version (very strange), or the edit software has something to it that lets it read out the HX Effects flash memory better (more likely, but still strange). Since all my USB ports on my new gaming-pc are working with my very demanding keyboard (which only worked on the first port of my old pc) i think that the USB-hubs on this computer are fine. I also never had an issue with updating my Digitech GSP1101 or my Kemper. So there is only one conclusion: The Line6 USB driver is the main cause of update problems. They didn't make it better for years now. The last time i updated was in 2018 on my old i5. That took three days. If i remember right, the laptop of my wife finally did the trick. So no, it's not your fault, and it's not a case of RTFM, and it's not a rare case either. The HX Effects does not like USB-hubs although it depends on them. The Line6 programmers seem to be stuck in the 90s (that updater-window looks like C++ from 1999, when i learned how to code), they can't do software that adapts to screen solutions and they don't care if the problem exists for years and years. So sad. Nothing against the Line 6 support, they are great. But judging from all the issues the HX Effects had and has, they would have a much easier life if their software department would do a better job. Original post: I just tried to update my HX Effects. I downloaded the latest driver, the latest updater and the latest flash memory. Drivers and Updater installed on the computer (i7, win 10) without error. I used Avast Secure Browser for the download. The firmware on the HX Effects is 2.71.0 at the moment. Now i have one issue: When the HX Effects is connected to the computer and running, the updater won't start. When i start the updater first and then switch on the HX Effects (after the login), the updater shuts down. I restarted everything several times, even reinstalled, but things stay the same. Updater and HX Effects are not running together. Does anyone know what to do, is that a common issue? Am i doing it wrong?
  4. When attempting to update the RELAY G10 or TBP516G transmitter using Windows, some users have reported that the device either does not establish a connection via USB, or loses the connection during the update. It is worth noting that Windows supplies the driver for these Relay devices. There are two scenarios where the Relay device is not recognized by the updater app after connecting via USB: the updater is launched before the Relay device drivers have finished installing. This may occur more often on slower computers, computers that already have several open windows or processes, or with machines that have a slower internet connection. the "Driver not successfully installed" message appears. In this case, click "Change settings" then choose "Yes, do this automatically (recommended)" in the Device Installation Settings dialogue box, then select "Save Changes". In the event the "Driver not installed" message box is not present, you can navigate to Device Installation Settings using the following steps: Click Start, type "devices and printers" in the search box, and then click Devices and Printers. Under Devices, right-click the icon for the computer, and then click Device installation settings. Choose "Yes, do this automatically (recommended)" and select "Save Changes" button. After changing this setting, remove the USB cable, then insert it again so that Windows can detect the Relay device and install the driver for it. It is possible to see the Relay device update fail shortly after it starts. This can occur if one of the Relay device drivers has not finished installing before you initiate an update. In this case, the updater will typically display that the firmware version is unknown. The workaround here is to wait until the driver completes installation, or disconnect the USB cable, reconnect it, then start the update again. Lastly, it is worth noting that some USB cables are charge-only, so a change in cables may help. Also, trying all ports and even a different computer may resolve the issue, based on various USB port configurations.
  5. Hello every one , I'm new to here , and sorry for my poor English. I want update my HELIX but I cant login LINE6 updater,every time I try,it's will show[invalid Login]every time. I also reset my password 2 times,or create a new account,but still show[invalid Login]. Anyone have a same problem? and how to solve it? Thank you very much.
  6. I just tried to download the Line6 Updater software (version 1.19) for macOS, and when I open the PKG file, I get the attached error message and cannot install the software. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tim
  7. I want to log in to the updater to update But keep getting this error message Can you tell me what to do? Thank you
  8. When I open the line 6 updater it doesn't see my Helix LT so I can't install updates, Does anyone have any answer to this problem?
  9. Here is how to update the Firehawk 1500 step by step: Note: The versions of the drivers and software may have older versions. Make sure to always select the latest versions. For Windows 7, 8, or 10 systems, please start with step 1. For OSX 10.8 and up, skip to step 8. 1. In order for your computer to see the Firehawk 1500 you will need to install the driver for the device to your computer. Open a web browser and navigate to and select Product: Firehawk Software: Drivers from the drop down menus at the top of the page. 2. Pick the top selection from the next page by selecting "Get Download". 3. Accept the terms. 4. If in Windows, choose the run option and run the installer or navigate to the downloads window and run the installer. Pressing Control + J will bring up the downloads menu in most windows browsers, alt + command + L for Safari on Mac. 5.Disconnect your Firehawk from the computer if it's connected via USB and run the installer. 6. In the installer make sure the drivers from the Firehawk have a green check. Click next until the installer completes. 7. Reconnect Hardware when prompted and let Windows assign the driver. Now your computer will be able to communicate properly with the Firehawk. 8. Now, let's download the updater utility. Open your web browser, navigate back to and select Line 6 Updater under the software drop down menu. 9. Select get download under the top selection, the latest choice will always be at the top. 10. Accept the agreement. 11. If in Windows, choose the run option and run the installer or navigate to the downloads window and run the installer. Pressing Control + J will bring up the downloads menu in most Windows browsers, alt + command + L for Safari on Mac. Or the installer will be in your downloads folder. 12. Run the installer for Line 6 updater. 13. In the installer make sure Updater has a green check, click next until the installer completes. 14. Run Line 6 updater from the start menu on WIn 7, Applications Folder on a Mac, or C:/Program Files (86)/Line 6 on Windows 8. 15. Accept the agreement. 16. Login to Updater with your username and password from the Line 6 website. 17. Select the Firehawk. 18. Select the latest version of flash memory. This is always the top selection. 19. NOTE: This part of the updater explains how to reset the Firehawk if it should fail. You can refer to the image here for instructions if that should ever happen. Click Next to Proceed. 20. Wait for the progress bar to complete. 21. Updater will let you know when the update is complete.
  10. Hi, I have a G70 receiver that I had stopped using a couple years back because of dropout issues. I recently picked up a couple of G75's that I use for backline stuff, and they also had dropout issues, but started working acceptably once I did the most recent firmware updates. So I circled back to the G70 unit, hoping I could update it as well and get some better performance out of it, but when I attached the USB cable to it, the updater wouldn't see it. I noticed that the cable felt kind of loose, so I opened the unit up and can see that the micro USB connector has largely detached itself from the PCB inside (see photo). Is this repairable? Will Line6 repair these or does anyone know of an aftermarket solution to have this repaired? The unit is basically non-updatable without this port. I did update the transmitter but I suspect both would need to be updated to see better performance.
  11. Hello everyone, since there is a firmware update (2.0) for the helix, I installed the latest drivers and the latest version of the updater. When I try to login via updater I keep getting the following error message: "http request error" I uninstalled and rebooted a couple of times without success. Has anyone the same issues? Is there a way to fix this? I did no changes to browsers, firewalls or internet connection etc. in ages. I am running windows 7 64bit. The updater was running fine when I did the update for the last firmware. Please help. Thank you!
  12. Anyone else unable to run the Line6 Updater due to this openGL error? I am using and older win7 laptop, and verified that graphics driver has openGL 2.1. Would love to get my HX firmware current, but not crazy about needing to buy a new computer to do so!
  13. G70 will not update. Progress bar never gets beyond 80%, sometimes it times out with an error at 0% and everything in between. "Firmware Update Failed An error has ocurred. Please try again." Done this probably 50 times, downloaded the update locally and tried updating from there. No luck, no help. Any ideas?
  14. i can’t sign in to manager or updater or manager. for manager i get code 80003028, for updater i get invalid account. i am on os high sierra ------------------------------------------------------------- - Line 6 License Manager started: Wed Mar 14 02:23:33 2018 ------------------------------------------------------------- Version: 1.11 Mac OS 10.13.3 User-Agent: Line 6 License Manager/1.11 (MacOSX) Line6_WWW/0.1 Creating Camel system with timeout of: 60 Initializing camel: camels:// Loading local config file: /Users/xxxxxxxx/Library/Application Support/Line 6/MonkeyCore/default.cfg Attempting user login: Request error from packet: 0 Message Box: Login failed. (Code 80003028) User account not found.Attempting user login: Request error from packet: 1 Message Box: Login failed. (Code 80003028) User account not found.------------------------------------------------------------- - Line 6 License Manager started: Wed Mar 14 02:28:49 2018 ------------------------------------------------------------- Version: 1.12 Mac OS 10.13.3 User-Agent: Line 6 License Manager/1.12 (macOS_HighSierra) Line6_WWW/0.1 Creating Camel system with timeout of: 60 Initializing camel: camels:// Loading local config file: /Users/xxxxxxxx/Library/Application Support/Line 6/MonkeyCore/default.cfg Attempting user login: Request error from packet: 0 Message Box: Login failed.
  15. I search in the section “Free software downloads†for: Helix LT, Line 6 updater, Windows 10. The result is Line 6 updater V1.11 which is the WRONG version, cause the latest version is V1.12. I thought I should mention this, cause perhaps this can cause serious trouble.
  16. ok, it appears I have been a little dumb :P. fixed it mods. please remove this topic
  17. I downloaded Line 6 Updater and the latest USB driver. When I run Line 6 Updater it shows a screen with "Select which device to update" and there are no devices listed. I downloaded and installed the latest USB driver. Help.
  18. The Line 6 FBV 3 has an update mode. You can use this if your firmware update fails for any reason. Press and hold down Footswitch 1 and the A footswitch and then plug in the USB cable to power on. You'll see the LCD screen say Update Mode. The Line 6 Updater will still see the FBV to allow you to run the update process again.
  19. So I wanted to update my Spider V and FBV3 and downloaded the new L6 Updater (at its recommendation). Now when I open it, I get a screen that says "Select Device to Update" with no options (screen shot attached). Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it? P.S. Same thing happens in Offline mode (I downloaded the updates to see if I could do it that way, but no luck).
  20. Hi, Just got my new Amplifi 75, installed the drivers and updater, then tried to update the amp on my WIndows 10 computer (I do not have another computer or access to an iOS device). The update failed- it started but never showed any progress on the progress bar, then quit and told me to put the amp into update mode. Repeatedly put amp into update mode and retried and it failed repeatedly. Tried 2 different USB cables on every port on the computer, still failed. Uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and updater repeatedly and still failed. Now the amp won't even go into update mode-- where before, the amp would pop to signify being in update mode and the tone lights would be off, now when I try to put into update mode, the tone A light lights up, followed by the other three lights lighting up solid (not blinking)-- it won't do anything when in whatever mode this is. Switching the amp off and on when the lights are lit solid puts the lights back into flashing "update failed" mode. I've tried to do the factory reset repeatedly, but this just puts the amp back into the mode where all 4 lights are lit solid. I've put in a support ticket, but am not really confident that Line 6 is going to respond effectively, or at all. Has anyone experienced this total failure? Is there a fix I haven't tried yet? Should I just send the thing back? Thanks,
  21. I'm trying to update and use my amplifi 150 as an interface, but it not showing up in the updater. Any info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  22. Guest

    Line 6 Updater Open GL Error

    In some cases, you may get an error when attempting to run Line 6 Updater for Windows saying "Open GL 2.0 not supported" This is due to an incompatibility with the graphics protocol in the Updater and your graphics card. You'll need to update your graphics card to the latest drivers from their manufacturer that support Open GL 2.0 In more rare cases, some graphics cards cannot be updated to be compatible due to their age and another computer must be used.
  23. Hello All, Helix Rack noob here. For whatever reason, the Helix rack will not connect to my PC via USB (Windows 7/Core i7/Cubase 8/32GB RAM) or be recognized by the Line Updater. I have tried plugging the USB cable into the rear USB port as has been suggested in previous posts. This was (and continues to be) met with extreme futility. Any wise suggestions that would remedy this most unfortunate situation would be enthusiastically read and eagerly anticipated. Closing salutations, MolchMon
  24. Hi there, let me start of by saying that I absolutely love the Helix: The sounds, the ease of use, the flexibility, the looks! However, at this moment my Macbook pro and Helix don't communicate that well. The App is very unstable and crashes every few seconds/minutes when exporting or importing or doing nothing at all, can't find the Helix, disconnects and gives me messages like: "No symbol lookup table present for models and parameters", and so on. Today I installed the update and the problem persists, no worse no better, but just almost impossible to work with. I have a ticket open on this issue, so I'm expecting it to be solved anytime soon. I opened this topic, to see if anybody has found a practical workaround for this and to learn from other experiences. tnx!
  25. Hello all, I've followed the instructions my remote app after I connected my USB. I've logged in... the software on the app is 2.50 which looks up to date. It's instructed me to download Amplifi Updater (now called Line 6 Updater). My only problem is I can't find the updater anywhere. I've searched the software page from top to bottom but can't find the Line 6 updater anywhere. Anyone help me as to where it is please? Amplifi 75 Windows Vista Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Android 4.4.2
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