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  1. 30sos

    Spider V MkII Update- new software for Spider V

    Hey, all. Running the latest L6 Updater (1.17) on a Windows 7 machine and none of my products are showing up. They show up in my account on the website, but the updater just says "Select device to update" on a black screen -- nothing else. Anyone able to help me with this?
  2. 30sos


    Got a gig coming up, so I figured I'd check back in on this. I didn't see anything mentioned, so I assume there's been no software update to fix the no-sound issue with active pickups?
  3. 30sos

    Amp levels not matching

    Hey, all. I've noticed that I can't get the JCM-800 model as loud as some of the other similar models (Soldano, Criminal, etc.) I have identical patches with different amp, all of them with the amp volume cranked, and the JCM-800 is noticeably quieter. Is this by design or is there something wrong?
  4. 30sos

    Spider head and non-L6 cab?

    Perfect! Thanks for sharing this link.
  5. 30sos

    Spider head and non-L6 cab?

    Thanks for the info and links. So to confirm the original question, there’s nothing special about the L6 cab/speakers? Another 4x12 will sound roughly the same/as good?
  6. 30sos

    Spider head and non-L6 cab?

    Thanks for the quick reply. So the speakers weren’t specialty selected or designed specifically for this amp? Any cab will be (roughly) the same? And thanks for bringing up ohms. If you can’t get something that matches exactly, can the ohms on the amp be higher or do the ohms on the speaker need to be higher? I heard one was safe (or safer), but can never remember which.
  7. 30sos

    Spider head and non-L6 cab?

    Hey, all. Wondering if I really need a Line 6 cab with the Spider V head or if a Marshall or Crate or whatever would work? Wasn’t sure if the L6 cab was more of a full frequency thing/designed to replicate the different types of tones, or if it’s pretty much a typical 4x12?
  8. 30sos

    Line 6 updater dead?

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I discovered that shortly after I posted. Silly me for thinking it would be built in a way that it would automatically recognize which cable I plugged in :/
  9. 30sos


    I feel like I'm missing the point of this app entirely. I figured it was Bluetooth (like AMPLIFi), but I've since discovered it's not, so I'm not sure I get it. A typical iPhone cable is only, what, 3 feet? So I can sit right in front of the amp and edit tones on the app (via the 3' cable/leash) or on the dials that are right in front of me -- is there some other benefit I'm missing? (If so, to OP's point, an overview vid/manual might help to spell this out).
  10. 30sos

    Line 6 updater dead?

    So I wanted to update my Spider V and FBV3 and downloaded the new L6 Updater (at its recommendation). Now when I open it, I get a screen that says "Select Device to Update" with no options (screen shot attached). Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it? P.S. Same thing happens in Offline mode (I downloaded the updates to see if I could do it that way, but no luck).
  11. 30sos

    FBV3 vs mkII

    I thought about that as soon as I published my comment. I've got a Spider V 120.
  12. Hi, all. First time shopping for a L6 floorboard and wasn't sure what the difference is. Other than the FBV3 being the newer model, what advantages do you get for the extra $50?
  13. 30sos

    Miking a 240 HC and 412 cab

    Hey, all. I was really excited to see the 240 HC -- brilliant idea to add small speakers to the head for practice! But I heard one thing in a demo vid that threw me off. It said that the cab handles the low end and the speakers in the head handle the high end (making it a FR system), but what if you wanna actually mike the cab at a live gig? You would only pick up the low frequencies, correct? Meaning you have to run direct from the head to the board and the cab is just there for stage volume. Am I doing the math right here or am I missing something?
  14. 30sos


    I appreciate the advice, but even if I were comfortable doing that (which I'm not), it seems ridiculous to hack a fairly expensive guitar to accommodate a cheap wireless. Like rewiring a new Camaro so an $80 car stereo works correctly. I understand L6 couldn't test them with every possible guitar out there, but as I mentioned originally, Ibanez is a huuuuuge brand. You'd think they could have at least covered the mid-range guitars from one of the world's largest and most popular manufacturers. And since has been a known issue for months, the very least they could've done is shown a list of 'incompatible' guitars on their sales pages at Musician's Friend, Sweetwater, etc. Not doing that is really weak, if not flat-out misrepresenting their product.
  15. 30sos


    Same problem. Two (similar) guitars: Guitar manufacturer - Ibanez Guitar model - RGIX20FESM Does it fit and turn on? Yes Do you hear audio? No Does the adaptor solution resolve the issue? Haven't tried (no adapter inc.) Guitar manufacturer - Ibanez Guitar model - RGIT27FE Does it fit and turn on? Yes Do you hear audio? No Does the adaptor solution resolve the issue? Haven't tried (no adapter inc.) I haven't had the time to read through the entire thread, but this kind of a 'limitation' should be clearly marked in the product description on sales pages, not something you need to discover via Google after you've bought it and it doesn't work. Total BS in my opinion. For the record, it does work with some of my other guitars -- and the setup with the Spider V 120 was very cool -- but the fact that it works with by $150 tele knockoff and not my much nicer Ibanez' may well be a deal breaker.