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  1. Well good for you sunshine. "There isn't a manual, but most of the functions are pretty obvious." I guess I'm a f'ing idiot then because it's not obvious at all. Trying to scroll through 78 amp models on something the size of a phone. That's ridiculous. That's just stupid.
  2. I just brought home a brand new Spider V and I am HORRIBLY disappointed in this lollipop app that you have to use to try and edit tones. Is there a manual somewhere for this goddamn thing? You are just supposed to intuitively know how this works? Is there a listing of the different cabinets and effects somewhere so I don't have to try and scroll through it all on my phone?? How inefficient is that? Something listing all the settings? It sucks being tethered this close to the amp. You can't get far enough away from it to see what different stuff sounds like. IS THERE NO OPTION FOR PC EDITING? I loved my Spider IV. So far V hasn't impressed me. It's going to drive me crazy if I have to use this goddamn app al the time to edit this thing. That might be enough to take it back.
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