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  1. Still can't get it to work. Not sure why. I've tried uninstalling the software multiple times and re installing it. Nothing helps. I will try it on a Windows 7 laptop and see if it works.
  2. Tried those steps. Still not working. I'm going to try updating all the drivers for all the devices on my laptop and see if that changes anything.
  3. How did you get it to work on windows 10?
  4. I still haven't fixed the problem. I have an older laptop with windows 7 that i'll try. Sucks that the software is incompatible with so many devices.. Android, Iphone, and PC... You guys at Line 6 need to fix this ..
  5. I think you misheard. What he probably meant was that you can make your Line 6 Spider V into a Spider V Mark II. The last software update for the V essentially makes it a V mark II because it gives you a better tone and more options. I just updated my V today and it made a pretty big difference. It added a "classic" voicing option that makes the amp sound way cleaner and less muffled. It also added more presets and options.
  6. I downloaded the remote program for windows 10. I installed it with no problems, but when I try to open the program nothing happens. The Line 6 spider logo pops up then disappears .. How do I fix this, anyone had the same problem? I also have an old Iphone with the Line 6 remote app and that doesn't work either. I at least want to get the remote working on my laptop. Some one help please? The amp is up to date.
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