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  1. You're welcome, There's lots of threads on here about Helix's input impedance settings and it's expected (and unexpected) consequences. Craig
  2. The easiest fix is to set the input impedance for the patch to 1M. Craig
  3. It could do if you have the I/P impedance set to auto and the Tron simulates a different value to the standard 1M Craig
  4. Have you got the USB plugged into a computer?
  5. CraigGT

    Clipping in 2.9

    Go to restore backup in HX Edit and uncheck everything except Globals then do the restore. As DunedinDragon said, your loop send levels are set in Globals and will have been reset. Craig
  6. I'm pretty sure your soundman would tell you if it was too hot. Craig
  7. I use a Midi Solutions Merge box with a full size Helix and it works fine so I suspect you'd be ok. Craig
  8. Well you can but you can also spend too much time fiddling with tiny details instead of playing. Either way it gave me an excuse to get an amp for the lounge :-) Craig
  9. Call me crazy but as much as I love my Helix, this was the kind of thing that made me buy a little Boogie so I could just plug in an play when the mood took me! Craig
  10. How have you got your patch input set? it defaults to Multi which would cause this problem. Craig
  11. Ok, how about 2 straight 8 second delays then a 3rd one doing the repeats? Craig
  12. Do as you said but with a straight 8 second delay then control the repeats on the 2nd delay. That might work? Craig
  13. My favourite example of that was on a thread about getting a surf reverb effect, it took me ages to work out who Lollipop Dale was :-) Craig
  14. I can't remember exactly but I know they're metric, M3 or M4 probably. I remember because when I built my board the Strymon's used UNC which threw me a bit. Craig
  15. It's interesting that the chip is the mic preamp and has nothing to do with the phantom power which must be being applied externally. Interestingly the chip's datasheet mentions the need to protect it against phantom power surges and gives a suitable circuit which as far as I can see from pictures of the pcb are being implemented. Craig
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