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  1. I can't remember exactly but I know they're metric, M3 or M4 probably. I remember because when I built my board the Strymon's used UNC which threw me a bit. Craig
  2. It's interesting that the chip is the mic preamp and has nothing to do with the phantom power which must be being applied externally. Interestingly the chip's datasheet mentions the need to protect it against phantom power surges and gives a suitable circuit which as far as I can see from pictures of the pcb are being implemented. Craig
  3. Yes I turn the Blue Comp on when I want to be Gary Moore :-) Craig
  4. CraigGT

    Midi Thru and SysEx

    Yes I ended up with a "MIDI Solutions" Merge box. It's handy because it can be powered by one of the midi in's. http://www.midisolutions.com/prodmrg.htm Craig
  5. Your Helix could be set to Line level on the XLR's and that would not play well with the desk if you were using a channel previously set up for a mic. The soundguy should have spotted that though. Craig
  6. That makes sense, power supply noise is referred to as ripple but I didn't realise there were separate Hum and Ripple controls. I guess it depends on what the original amps were susceptible to. But you're right, who wants buzz and hum?, especially when they're the wrong frequency :-) Craig
  7. There is a hum parameter as part of most of the power amps, it might need turning down. It struck me as weird at first because I'm in the UK and I am used to 50Hz hum. I don't know if it's relevant but in a tube amp, power supply hum will be 2x line current frequency (100/120Hz) whereas ground hum will be 50/60Hz. Craig
  8. I have a pair of Yamaha DSR112's under my desk but that might be overkill ;-)
  9. Half of my Tap switch light doesn't work. I'm sure it will just need a bit of solder if I go in there again. Craig
  10. CraigGT

    Just a thought

    Funny thing is that we're using all that power to recreate amps that were commonplace back then :-) Craig
  11. CraigGT

    Just a thought

    It's just a thought but 50 years before 2.8 update was released, Apollo 11 was on it's way to the moon. I wonder how the two's relative computing power stacks up :-) Craig
  12. As promised here are the pictures. The old girls https://www.dropbox.com/s/jyezh6keghfx2wr/Old Girls-1.jpg?dl=0 The young pups https://www.dropbox.com/s/bd8jdr0dkjlzgj8/Young Pups-1.jpg?dl=0 Craig
  13. Thanks everyone, I'll post some pictures as soon as I get chance. Craig
  14. Not really Helix related but that's how they'll get used so... When I started work in 1978 I wanted a Strat but everyone warned me off them saying they were rubbish and not worth the money (a point borne out by the absence of Custom Shop 70's models) so instead I bought a Music Man Sabre II which I still have. Fast forward to 1986 and a lunchtime stroll led to an impulse buy of a Charvel model 6 which has been my go to guitar ever since and also the last electric guitar that I bought. Now with impending semi retirement and some bonus cash I started looking around and soon decided that my preferred new guitar would be a PRS DGT, more browsing followed until I found the one which I quickly put a deposit on but I still had the feeling that my last guitar should be a Strat. So on my first day of semi retirement I headed to the shop that had my preferred Strat to reacquaint myself and it still felt very good but they didn’t want to do me a good deal which kind of left a bad taste, oh well, off to pick the PRS up from a different shop. I didn’t bother playing the PRS because I’d played it a few times before but ooh those new Les Paul Standards look nice! I left with the PRS and a very nice Les Paul Standard 50’s which they did me a very good deal on. Day two of semi retirement was a very long drive to a shop that I’d wanted to visit for a while to try and find an even better Strat (I had one in mind from their website) it turned out that it wasn’t the one but another which I’d glossed over on the website most definitely was so that came home with me too. So there you have it, 3 new guitars in 2 days does seem a bit excessive but 5 in 40 years is well below the average :-) Craig
  15. I saw MK live the other night and everything sounded fantastic, kempers included. Craig
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