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  1. Sounds like you've got your input impedance set to auto. Craig
  2. I replaced the port on my Helix floor and no it's not an easy job even if you're good with a soldering iron. I thoroughly recommend using a right angle plug on the Helix, it takes all the possible leverage out of the equation. Craig
  3. Three things spring to mind :- you, your guitar and the input pad! If you're chasing his OD sounds then your guitar needs to have a comparable output level to Jason's and the i/p pad affects that too, I don't know if Jason has it on or not. Your playing makes a big difference too, I've yet to find a patch that can make me sound like David Gilmour! Craig
  4. They all just look like re-badged Alto TS-112's to me. Craig
  5. Not with the IR but when I was looking for an alnico speaker for one of my amps, the Ruby was consistently darker than the other Celestion anicos that I saw tested so it might suit you. Craig
  6. It sounds like you need a smaller soldering iron and a bigger magnifying glass :-) Craig
  7. Or possibly just a connector needing reseating, I don't know how they're actually wired. Craig
  8. They just LED's they don't go faulty, they probably just need a bit of solder. Craig
  9. I'm noticing quite a few Volantes on those boards, great aren't they? Craig
  10. You're welcome, There's lots of threads on here about Helix's input impedance settings and it's expected (and unexpected) consequences. Craig
  11. The easiest fix is to set the input impedance for the patch to 1M. Craig
  12. It could do if you have the I/P impedance set to auto and the Tron simulates a different value to the standard 1M Craig
  13. Have you got the USB plugged into a computer?
  14. CraigGT

    Clipping in 2.9

    Go to restore backup in HX Edit and uncheck everything except Globals then do the restore. As DunedinDragon said, your loop send levels are set in Globals and will have been reset. Craig
  15. I'm pretty sure your soundman would tell you if it was too hot. Craig
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