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  1. The latest versions include additional checking that IR's are good and not installing any that don't meet the criterium, If this happens HXEdit will warn you. I seriously doubt that's what happened here though and suggest you follow Phil's advice.
  2. What about the part about updating HX Edit?
  3. CraigGT

    Helix FW 3.1?

    In case you missed it, it's just been released. Don't forget to read the instructions!
  4. The recommended method is to use HX Edit and that seems to have worked for you. The updater is only really as an emergency measure.
  5. Using the updater doesn't force you to make a full backup like HXEdit does but if it's new to you then that probably doesn't matter.
  6. People on here have posted sources of replacements for broken footswitches, you might be able to search for that and see if there is a more suitable alternative for you. The actual electrical switches (at least on the floor model) are a standard tactile pcb switch so I doubt it's the actual switch that's too noisy.
  7. You're welcome, have fun down the rabbit hole :-)
  8. I must be missing something, why is it any different from a normal amp with an FX loop between the pre and power amps?
  9. Can't you just treat it as a standard 4cm method but use preamp out/ power amp in instead of FX loop send/return.
  10. If you don't need all the ins and outs then the LT might be a better option.
  11. You can set up a loop as you want it, rename it and save it as a favourite. Then it's easy to drop it into all your presets, but only one at a time as @phil_m said.
  12. Oh I've played there a few times! I'm about halfway between there and the “World Famous Theatre Club”
  13. I was never a football fan so I wasn't any good so I always the goalie but yes it was the Billy Bremner, Peter Lorimer, Eddie Grey era.
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