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  1. Actually I built my own for real, much more fun :-)
  2. CraigGT

    Help please

    Instead of swapping IRs, try having them both loaded and enable/disable them or flip the mix parameter from 100 to 0 instead.
  3. I have no experience with the Whammy 4 but you probably need to turn 'Midi PC Send' off in the Helix global settings. Then the Command Centre settings should work. Craig
  4. To follow up my most useless post ever, I think it was E&M ELECTRONIC SERV. LTD BLETCHLEY
  5. I recently had a warranty repair done on some Yamaha speakers and it was done by a company in the Midlands but I can't find the paperwork to tell you who it was. They'd be worth a call if I could remember who they were. I'll let you know if I remember. Craig
  6. Yes, that adds up to over $6600 :-)
  7. Sounds like it'd need 16 tubes and an 8 gang volume pot, I've not seen many of those around :-) And 8 output transformers!
  8. 8 Vinnys in a box? that would be a monster.
  9. No, the UK/US switch directly follows the tone control in between the two preamp stages. there is no other frequency shaping other than some power amp capacitors that were changed to reduce flub. The idea with the Monarch is that the overdrive comes from the power tubes, of course that would change if you fed a hotter signal into the preamp. The output stage is very similar to the 5E3 but the preamp is different and the PI is completely different, filter caps are maybe 50% bigger.
  10. And maybe use a tube drive to emulate the Vinny in front. There isn't a tone stack as such, it's just a simple capacitor and pot which rolls off high frequencies similar to a 5E3 Deluxe. The UK/US switch is more complicated, it cuts treble and increases bass at the same time, it's very clever. Craig
  11. I'm rather partial to the Monarch, in fact I'm part way through building myself a clone, For you though I'd probably start with the Voltage Queen. Craig
  12. CraigGT

    Midi Thru and SysEx

    Just a thought, try and get it working through just one of the Strymons first, it cuts out all the midi thru variables. Craig
  13. CraigGT

    Midi Thru and SysEx

    Yes that's how I did it but remember that only In1 on the merger takes power so connect that to the stomp and I'm not sure that the Strymons have midi thru enabled by default. Craig
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