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  1. It will limit your options a bit compared to a send/return block but use Digital as the output of path one and SPDIF as the input to path two.
  2. Typically in a tube amp as Zolko60 said, presence is generated in the negative feedback loop and actually boosts high frequencies so it's default (not doing anything) setting would be 0. All other tone controls are cut only so their defaults would be 10. Then again most amps would sound horrible like that but that's why we have tone controls :-)
  3. Try changing your "Select" option to 1(tip).
  4. Coming from a long background in communications and being taught about characteristic impedances many many years ago, has anybody ever had any issues with using a standard XLR cable for this function that were resolved by using a 110 Ohm one? Just curious Craig
  5. Ok try this, Pedal up, play chord, pedal down to swell it in, pedal up play another chord continue until bored :-) Poly Swell.hlx
  6. Saying that, there can be four "I can't find the new amps" posts on the front page and people still make new ones so why bother having a search function?
  7. I came up with a method that uses the pedal in a Gilmour style, I can attack a preset if you're interested.
  8. I didn't think the Diezel would be my kind of amp but that patch sounds awesome with my strat.
  9. Yes @HonestOpinion is correct, there's also an LED test mode if you hold down FS2 at power on.
  10. Yes but then a ribbon cable connects it to the lower board, on mine it was defiantly the cable that had broken.
  11. That's why I needed to change the LEDs in mine, initial attempts to reflow the solder joints damaged the LEDs.
  12. People say the joystick issue is a soldering problem but it's not, it's caused by the multi axis movement taking it's toll on the wires.
  13. I've had this myself, I'd go down the support ticket route first, it's not an easy DIY job. It's not unheard of for a solder joint to go dry but tackling that may lead to the LED needing replacing (that's what I had to do) Have a look at the picture to see if you'd fancy doing that, there's four connections on it!
  14. I've just had a thought, I don't know the HXFX but the Helix floor has an option for Ext amp, in your case it should be set to 'Tip-to-sleeve' I can see how the other settings could upset the HXFX unit.
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