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  1. Yes, it did, and I had had some corrupted presets that were also fixed. I used Option 1 (foot switches 5 + 6). I works great now, loving 2.9! Thanks!
  2. Awww...see it now! Dummy me....thanks!
  3. Updated my LT to 2.90. I had backed up (saved) my presets, and when I loaded them back in after the update, (they worked) except my volume (foot pedal)/output (big knob) control just stopped working on all of them. I would like to do a complete factory reset, and then reload 2.90, but when I read the instructions to do that, it seems I can't because I don't have a foot switch "9" and above which seems to be required to do a full reset. The Helix Floor has the 9-12 buttons, but the LT only goes to 8. How do I reset the LT to be able to load in 2.90 from scratch again? Is it even possible?
  4. tmcbride

    Mac Catalina OS

    I should add, I'm running Edit on my Mac (Catalina) w/ an LT, not Native, so I cannot speak to issue.
  5. tmcbride

    Mac Catalina OS

    I'm using Edit 2.8.2 on my Mac Air running the latest Catalina, works fine!
  6. Yes, I am experiencing the exact same issue, and that's how I "fix" it each time. Even did a factory reset after the update, and that fixed another issue, (newly made presets in 2.8 were not keeping their names), it did not fix this one. I'm glad to hear it's not just me and will be addressed by Line 6.
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