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  1. No, it's not an anomaly. The difference between a digital signal and an analogue signal is like the difference between sending an email and making a phone call.
  2. Yes and no... ebfore I relate my experience, what guitar are you using? I'm not a Helix user, yet - still mulling it over. My 'rig' is Mesa Triaxis based rack setup. I usually play a custom made ESP HSS Strat-a-like through it. Despite the gear appearance, I'm NOT a metal player, I can assure you. I roll between clean to bluesy levels of OD, I guess and as you should expect with the amount of dough spent, it sounds incredible. Now, I'm not getting any younger and I don't play 'the rig' at home. A few months back, I 'treated' myself to an Epiphone Dot. Yeah, it's cheap, but it plays well and I can't really justify a couple of grand for the real thing, just for home. I play it through a Vox AC4TV and it sounds pleasant enough. It's had pots and caps, picikup adjustments and improved massively. New pickups made a slight difference... Anyhoo, speaker went in one of 'Deep Thought's' cabs a few weeks back, so decided it was time for a change in them and bought a pair of V30s. Installed, in my living room, connected everything up and grabbed the nearest guitar - the Epi... Hells Teeth!!! That thing sounds devastating. Moral of the story, if your guitar sounds 'Meh', don't waste money on pickups. Get a better amp. Another one, FWIW, I use a 'well known amp simulation plugin' in my DAW and get a really good bass sound by feeding the DI through an 'AC30' with a 'EL34' power stage and a 4x15 cab - an approximation of an AC50, I think.
  3. Don't know. You need to read the respective manuals, all of which are available online. IF the LT has a MIDI out AND the switching outputs on the controller are the same config as the Boogie (I expect they will be), then yeah, it'll do the job. FWIW. I use a Voodoo MIDI controller to control a Mesa Triaxis based rack. The instruction manual for that product references the Triaxis a few times, which suggests they work towards making their gear compatible with Mesa products. I've read that someone is using one with a Dual Rectum Frier, so the Mesa side of things is fine. It's just down to whether the Helix LT has MIDI out.
  4. Okidoki, I'm still pondering taking the plunge in to Helix/PowerCab+ world, BUT... The point of the L6 link is that being a digital link, it saves the Helix and PC+ from having to convert the signal from digital to audio and back again 'in between units'. This saves processing power in both units, keeping latency low. The other, better reason for linking the two 'units' digitally is 'that harshness' that a lot of people complain about in digital processing and recording is usually the result of 'inter-modulation distortion' caused by AD and DA converters - a good reason to use the high cut filter on the PC+. Whilst I'm aware of how and what causes this distortion, I'm afraid if I try to explain it, I'll get it wrong somewhere along the line. There are plenty of explanations out there, suffice to say, the less to-ing and fro-ing between digital and audio the better. EDIT: Of course, everywhere I've said "digital to audio", I should have said 'digital to analogue' - it'e pnly audio after it leaves the speaker.
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