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  1. somebodyelse

    Helix HW Latency

    I see. So I need YOUR permission to post on this thread/ F***ing lollipop.
  2. somebodyelse

    Helix HW Latency

    It's actually easy to avoid in Reaper (and presumably other DAWs) as it comes with a latency compensation plugin for send/return purposes.
  3. Okay, another way of looking at it is, what have you already got? In my case, I've already got my old Ground Control Foot Controller (Voodoolabs) which if I added a volume pedal to, would give me an expression pedal. I've also got a Nektar LX25+, which I could add an expression pedal to and write my patch changes in on the MIDI Events page - let the DAW do the changes while you concentrate on playing... or I could just map the mod wheel to act as an expression pedal, if it's something I'm adding post-recording. If you have no MIDI controllers, then of course, buying one is necessary, but whichever direction you come from, you end up having to map something and assign things.
  4. somebodyelse

    Helix HW Latency

    Everything has a latency. Every foot between the speaker and your ears adds 1 ms. If the total, round trip latency adds up to less than 12 ms, you can't HEAR it. It's as bad as the sample rate and bit depth BS, If what YOU'RE doing works for you, why give a f*** what anyone else's gear can or can't do?
  5. Kerching! For an Ayrton, you can't go wrong. Cheers
  6. Yes and no, apparently. It was introduced in a recent update, but it doesn't work. If you're asking, just in case anything goes wrong in the future, then you can export individual presetsl which I do when I write new presets. If you've got one that's duff... at this point it looks like you'll have to rewrite it from scratch.
  7. Thanks... what I was actually pondering is can all backups be restored or is there a cut off point where they can't be updated/rebuilt, during restore. In terms of editing the old 'Extractions', can they be opened in Helix Native, with compatibility mode off? Also, may have been mentioned already, is there a pattern to which extracted presets are corrupte- eg. every 12th preset, every preset with a certain effect,...?
  8. In fairness, we are dealing with guitarists here. In my experience, the vast majority are one step up from a drummer - this technology has been around since the 80s and it's taken 30+ years for most to dare to dip their toe in the water. A lot still think a Fender Jaguar is too complex. If that wasn't bad enough, most of 'em are 'the entitled generation' where they expect everything done for them, and have a nervous breakdown at the drop of a hat. I bought a Danelectro from a kid who'd just left university, a couple of years ago. Advertised as having a chip in the neck, electrical problems and tuning issues. I got it for peanuts. The jack nut needed tightening, there was a tiny crack in the lacquer near the 12th fret end, the strings weren't fitted properly. It was otherwise, pristine. This prick had just left UNIVERSITY FFS. People like him DESERVE to be mocked. I'm middle aged and 'severely sight impaired'. When I screw up, I'll hold my hands up, and take the ridicule.
  9. Thanks, Yes, I was aware that the backups restore fine. Wondered if the bug was the 'extraction of' rather than the conversion to the new structure. My question now would be, how far back do backups restore from? Is there a point from which previous backups can't be 'translated. ie. can a backup from, say, v2.00 firmware still be restored? Again, apologies for the stupid questions, I only go back as far as v3.01.
  10. Does it work on a backup taken after update? Bit long winded, I know, but a workaround might be to reinstall previous backups, and then 're' backup, maybe using their old file names to force them to overwrite the originals? At this point, my own preference is to export my preset anytime I press 'Save' on the Helix... Is this an issue with old preset files, too, or just extracted files - sorry, I haven't had my Helix long enough to build up a 'history' of files.
  11. You know, this is going to bite one of on the ar5e... Joking aside, my FIRST update to my Helix fell over. For some reason, my PC rebooted in the middle of the process - it looked like it would be a lengthy process, so went for a smoke, came back... this was 5 minutes in to the very first time I'd even switched the Helix on. Got a boot failure of some kind... I just thought 'F*** it, if THIS doesn't work, it goes back.' Restarted L6 Updater, it was recognised, reinstalled the update. All good. The threads are useful, if for no other reason than to remind me to not get blase and follow the instructions.
  12. Thanks for the reply. The eyes aren't that great these days and I was worried I might have activated something, by accident.
  13. Hiya, Relatively new to this Helix lark... Was setting up a preset this afternoon, nothing complicated, just an amp>pitchshifter>delay>PC112+/Jarvis. Daft question time, my amp and pitch blocks have red logos/image, whereas my delay has a green logo/image. Is there a reason? Is 'it' trying to tell me something? Thanks.
  14. Absolutely not. I think this should be 'stickied. Absolutely invaluable information. Someone should collate all these troubleshooting tips into one sub-forum.
  15. Yeah, I have the same problem - and it's not just Line 6. I just don't seem to be able to break my gear. Can't get Windows 10 to crash. My latency is fantastic. My obscenely expensive Les Paul is perfect. What am I doing wrong?
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