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  1. soulreaper_msd1

    identifying what model of a used line 6 variax guitar

    ok . thanks so which models will work with helix? thanks
  2. I just bought a used variax guitar s/n:05030337 us patent no.6,787,690 how can I find out what model it is? .. also all I got was the guitar itself, I own a helix floor and ordered a Line 6 Variax Digital Interface Cable, do I need anything else for it to work like it should. thanks.
  3. soulreaper_msd1

    Essentials for a new patch template

    hi . how do you use LA studio compressor instead of MULTI INPUT? When I use helix edit I don't see an option for LA studio compressor. thanks
  4. soulreaper_msd1

    Model Packs Not For Hd500(x)?

    hi it was hd metal pack.. does this work on pod hd500? I burned the files to a dvd but can't run them..
  5. soulreaper_msd1

    Model Packs Not For Hd500(x)?

    I just bought hd model pack for hd500 how do I install it? ..