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  1. No new amps or effects in 2.82. Version 2.80 was the big expansion.
  2. I feel the same way about the Tone Sovereign @MarshallArts. I was expecting it to be good, but not expecting at all for it to essentially take the place of the venerable Hedgehog D9 and the various boosts and compressors I put in front of that pedal. The Tone Sovereign has completely redirected my tone chasing, as I - GASP! - find myself using a compressor less and less (virtually a cardinal sin as a Tele player ;)), and removing pre-pedal gain boosters. It's a high-gain pedal without being pigeonholed as a metal pedal. After listening to Jim Weider's various projects, I can see how the King of Tone came to be as a result of Jim collaborating with AnalogMan. And I haven't even begun to mess around with using it in a preset and setting up different Snapshots. I just happened on a setting I really, really, really like and get everything I need with a twist of my Tele's volume knob and changing up picking techniques and intensity. Stunning, and as @JimGordon mentions, not having to wait to get one until I have even more gray hairs is a nice plus. :)
  3. This is a very, very interesting comparison for me. After spending a year with my HX Effects, I'm totally in on the capabilities of the Helix platform. Hey, if the HXFX can breathe new life into my ancient Tech 21 Trademark 60 (TM60), that's a huge win in my book. My TM60 is set clean on channel 1, and my favorite "pedalboard" lately features the Tone Sovereign, and using Snapshots to change Tone Sovereign settings without having to twist any virtual knobs... love it. That said, I've been looking for ways to overcome some of the limitations inherent when using stomps with a clean amp (or an amp's clean channel, as with my TM60). And, after a year with it, I've found I've settled in to using just a few templates overall and, surprisingly, a lot fewer effects than I thought. The "limitations" of the HX Stomp suddenly aren't as, well, limiting. I could definitely see myself moving up from the HXFX to the HX Stomp, with the full amp models with cabinets with mics taking the place of the "pedalboard foundations" I've created for my HXFX. I don't use expression pedals (yet) so that's not a factor, and I don't have other effects pedals to patch in as that was the point of getting the HXFX in the first place. :) I could probably get away with using a 1/4-inch outputs from the HX Stomp into the effects return of the TM60, as the Celestion 70-80 speaker in there is pretty neutral (to my ears, anyway) and it would probably function well enough as a monitor, sort of like Tech 21's Power Engine combos. Additionally, I dabble in playing bass as well, and would play it on anything I choose to record, likely using the Stomp as an interface (just like I used to with my GuitarPort!), so... more points for HX Stomp. Thanks for this informative post. Interesting, indeed.
  4. As a lifelong user of compressors set to "just enough", and stacking various dirt pedals in varying orders, the HX Effects was a godsend. Amazing effects dirt box models, tweakable compressors, snapshots, parameter control (even version control: "you mean I can have a V2 OCD and a V4 OCD in the same preset, and toggle between HP and LP?"), routing options, wet/dry control, straight in or FX loop... it was all so wonderful. 2.8 has ruined everything for me. Why? Because Line 6 had the stones to just casually say "oh, here's these two Analogman pedals and this Hermida pedal you might've heard about, have fun", and now I can't stop playing around with those, I'll probably have to create a bunch of new presets, and - to top it off - since the update I've barely even looked at, let alone used, any compressors or other dirt FX. In fact, I could probably do a whole gig with just the Tone Sovereign. Add in some Ubiquitous Vibe, Elephant Man delay, maybe a dash of Hall reverb, use my guitar's volume knob and it's a complete rig. What's up with that? How could you commit this injustice against my beloved Deluxe Comp, Kinky Boost, Hedgehog, and Compulsive Drive? "Thanks" Line 6. ;)
  5. Thanks for the help! I do wish it was all laid out in a manual, and thankfully there are other outlets to get the information I'm after. Cheers, all.
  6. Hi guys, my HX Effects has been a game-changer for me. That said, I do find the manual lacking in just one area: explaining some of the not-so-obvious parameters (for example: "ramp"). I have a sense for what they control, but it's not entirely clear to me - either mentally or audibly. :) Is there a site or more in-depth manual/cheat sheet that might better explain all the parameters? The manual for the HX Effects is kind enough to state what Common FX Parameters control, but for the occasional oddball parameter I'm hoping to find some more knowledge.
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