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  1. anyone know in UK where to get this cable from please that connects sonic port to ipad? the one i have has worn out! its has the new ipad air connection one end and what looks like a smaller USB connection at the other end into sonic port, photos attached thanks
  2. Does anyone know where in UK I can buy a replacement sonic port cable please? Thanks
  3. Hi Trying to help a friend here I use an Hd500 and connect to a Marshall JVM using 4CM. I can choose if I want to here the Marshall pre amp with POD effects or remove the Marshall pre amp and use POD preamps easily and we all know that works. He is a bassist and has the Bass HD Pro rack unit and is looking to connect in same way so he can use his bass amp preamp and add effects. He doesn't think this is possible but I think it shouldn't be as I assume that in he main the connections and routing options would be same for guitar or bass. Any ideas please gents? Thanks
  4. Thanks guys, that's basically what I thought so i I will stay as I am. Thanks for advice
  5. Been offered a 500x as part of a trade on guitar. I have had a 500 for 4 years and all set up well with my Marshall JVM. I use it for channel switching and effects. I also use some modelling. My question is does the X offer that much more to make it worth changing as I understand I can't simply migrate my tones over from old to new. I know the X has more memory and some pretty lights around the foots witches but can anyone think of a reason to need to change as I don't use anywhere near the memory capacity of what I have really. Thanks
  6. Hi Looking for a bit of advice or some tips on my query please. I use and HD500 connected via 4CM to a Marshall JVM 215c combo. The majority of my gig requirements are for electric guitar and this works fine for me. I then DI from amp to desk For several acoustic songs I plug direct into the Aux input on the HD500 and use some delay and chorus. The positive of this set up is its easy and only requires one channel on the desk. The negative is that I here the acoustic via the Marshall amp behind me which sounds crap as you would expect. I am trying to work out a way I could still use the effects of the HD for acoustic but cut out the sound from Marshall and use monitor only for acoustic. Any ideas welcome Thanks
  7. I have a hd500 into power engine and great for electric guitar for gigs or theatre work, no good for acoustics though
  8. Thanks Nick I have kind of already gone down same route with that download on previous amp /HD combos, was kind of looking more for people with JVM /HD experience and actual tried and tested level settings thanks
  9. Hi Before I start the quest to try and find the right settings to connect my HD500 and JVM215c I wondered if anyone out there already uses this set up. Having previously never been totally happy with DSL50 and HD500 sound together I am going to try again. I use the 4 cable method so I can make use of the amps tone and use the pods effects. I am totally familiar with the basic set up so am not asking for what cable goes in which input etc and have previously downloaded a good set up guide by someone from this forum, so it's more actual practical settings with the two pieces of hardware I am after, ie levels on amp/mix, the 4db or 10db option and then on the HD effect loop levels of send/return/mix Thanks
  10. Can someone tell me if they think it's fair that sonic port VX is brought out 3 weeks after I get a sonic port. If I had known I would have waited and spend the extra money on a VX. This is bloody annoying
  11. Hi all It occurs all the time basically. Any rehearsal or gig location With atleast 3 guitars I have tried Changed all leads I have tried to eliminate obvious issues like loose connections in a guitar, crap leads etc
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