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  1. I just bought the Prince, AC100 and Dmbluxe packs and they sound awesome straight out of the box. They're the only presets I've bought that weren't a disappointment.
  2. I'd run a single jack to your monitor from the Helix Left/Mono o/p and let that do the summing for you. When I've got my sound guy pants on I usually pan stereo feeds (overheads/keyboards) about 30-40% left and right, anymore and much of the audience will miss something. I've also had the experience of being in the middle of a crown and a hard panned Leslie was nauseating. Craig
  3. The obvious solution to me is to run the Helix into the looper then use a DI box to get a balanced feed to the mixer .
  4. You live and learn :-)
  5. Wouldn't that depend on the Duplicate PC Send Global Setting too?
  6. Yeah :-) I saw Jeff Beck the other night, he does ok with the knobs on his guitar.
  7. What's wrong with turning your guitar down? Go old school :-)
  8. I don't think that the upgrade always updated the Wait parameter correctly, I'd try saving a problem patch with a value say 100mS then save it again with 0, see if that solves it.
  9. It would act as a half wave rectifier if you fed it with AC.
  10. It's more likely to have a reverse polarity protection diode than a rectifier so it would have been running on low voltage so you probably got away with it. A friend did a similar thing with a Kurzweil piano and that did a lot of damage because it didn't have the protection diode, it does now! Craig
  11. No, I used a plug in power meter. Yes I suspect half the voltage, double the current will still equal around 22W Craig
  12. I checked and mine is using 22W or 170mA at 240V I don't know how that relates to 110V but I don't think the power would change much.
  13. As much as I'm one to have a dabble at most things, I agree with Phil_m and cruisinon2 on this one. The current to burn those components came from somewhere and has probably damaged upstream components too, just not visually. Most repair shops will just change the board. Is it still in warranty? it's not your fault that a screw came loose.
  14. Well getting all technical, Bias is the only thing you can alter on a real amp and it's not a user adjustment because if done incorrectly you'll need a new set of output tubes. Sag is inherent to the power supply design but it will increase over time. Hum and Ripple get worse as an amp ages or get better as it grows some mojo depending on your viewpoint. I'm not sure about BiasX but it probably relates to the biasing and crossover distortion which never sounds good. Real valve amps all have some hum and ripple but mine hum at 50/100Hz not 60/120Hz so the modelled versions sound wrong.
  15. CraigGT

    Tube Amp

    Instead of going into the front of the amp, plugging the Helix into the effects return will reduce variables too. Craig
  16. CraigGT


    That makes a nice change from all the winging.
  17. The guys above have given you good advice but when I used my Helix with my DT25 I suffered from option overload. I sold the DT25 and kept the Helix.
  18. Rebuilding presets is a different process internal to the device. If you do factory reset as you should then the factory banks will be up to date and doing a restore as I said will not overwrite them.
  19. You never have to do one but it's advisable, it's in the instructions.
  20. I'm not sure if there are or not but when you restore your backup, if you uncheck the factory banks you'll be left with the latest ones.
  21. You can use any EQ to roll off the highs but I would go with Tilt or Shelving EQ for this job.
  22. The low input impedance of fuzzes causes the hi end of your pickups to be rolled off. Seeing as there is no way of doing this when you're using radio you could try putting an EQ block before the fuzz to simulate the effects. I'd probably try a Tilt eq first.
  23. I've had a similar issue on the HX Floor. If you assign a gain block set to 0dB to the same footswitch then the state of the block controls the LED. If it's still wrong then manually switch the bypass state of the gain block.
  24. It's a perfectly viable fix no different to using a ground lift, I didn't get the impression the OP is talking about a professional environment.
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