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  1. Is it now conceivable to operate a Sonic Port on an iPad with a USB-C port? Or does Line 6 want to avoid releasing a suitable cable/adapter? After all, the Sonic Port is still available in the current portfolio....
  2. I had complained that the numbering of the footswitches was not clear in the manual. May I suggest that the illustration of the elements of the Helix LT in the manual be comleted according to the attached picture? ;-)
  3. Of course I had used the current version HX Edit 2.92 for the firmware update. Thereby the Windows computer was greased. But in the meantime I have made progress by not using HX Edit but the Line 6 Updater to update the firmware again, after I had carried out the workaround suggested on the Line 6 website for the case of firmware update errors. So I'm happy now ;-)
  4. I wanted to update the firmware of my just bought Helix LT to 2.92, unfortunately the (Windows 10-) computer crashed (BlueScreen). Now the Helix LT is no longer found when I start HX Edit. What can I do? Thanks a lot!
  5. Thanks for you Information! ;-)
  6. Hi, I plan to buy a Helix LT, maybe a used one. Can I register this used Helix LT? Because then I can get Helix Native for the reduced price of $99, right? Thanks for your help, Hoooray
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