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  1. You know what would be cool? If you could copy snapshots between presets. It wouldn't be too difficult to figure out what blocks need to be copied along with them. There also could be functionality to remove unused blocks. That way you can for example dial in your solo sound on one preset/snapshot, and then you can copy/paste that snapshot into another preset/snapshot. Not a show-stopper, but could be super convenient to build new presets in minutes, as opposed to recreating the whole thing from scratch or making a copy of the existing preset and making tweaks (which is what I do). There also seems to be an issue when you copy a block from an existing preset and paste it into a new one--the bypass and [parameters] don't work as expected. I typically have to re-add the block manually in these situations. https://line6.ideascale.com/c/idea/1044711
  2. Hmm, maybe it's the guitar? What is your entire signal chain and absolutely everything you use, e.g. FRFR? Is there a wireless system? What about the power? All of those can theoretically glitch out.
  3. Helix LT pedal was killing me with the squeaking, I used this product on it, just a few sprays and it hasn't squeaked in a year and a half: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007I9XUD0 dry graphite spray. It's very good, but can be messy if you spray all over the place. A friend of mine just got the Helix LT and it was squeaking exactly like mine out of the box. Yeah, I don't know about the expression pedal... I have a plastic expression pedal that came with my Nord Electro and I used it for a decade and it never failed me. Same with a Bad Horsie wah -- 14 years and zero issues, no squeaking, no alignment problems.
  4. So I took apart the thing and came to a conclusion that there's not enough lubrication. What was happening is that the screw.... was loose and there was too much friction because there was not enough grease, so that made it appear like the screw was tight because the pedal was hard to move, while since the screw was loose the alignment was off..... lol there. I put some lithium grease and reassembled the whole thing and now everything aligns well and the action is smooth. The whole damn thing is only 2 years old with minimal use.
  5. No, that's not how it works.... you can still click into EXP1... and then you're stuck in the EXP1 pedal mode that does nothing, while your Wah is at 100%... I wish the switching between EXP 1 / 2 could be disabled... as in the switch does nothing... and you are always in EXP 2.
  6. But you can use the Command Center, where you can customize your buttons... So rather than having presets on the bottom you can go into your stomp mode. In Command Center you can customize the 5 lower buttons to correspond to the presets... complete with the desirable ring colors. This is an excellent video. Whenever I forget how to do stuff on the Helix, I re-watch his videos:
  7. Bummer, yeah it's a hardware issue, but at the same time... I envy you.... I wish my switch would not work. I never ever click the expression pedal in. I only run my expression pedal in "EXP 2", and auto-engage the wah when needed, or enable it in the snapshot.... I wish there was a way to disable the button for my needs. I'm being completely serious....
  8. If you purchase a bunch of presets, they will all behave differently and have different perceived loudness. The best you can do is to simply use your ears in a band context. However... My advice is to not to have radically different presets in your set. Even when you level them in terms of volume at home or even in the rehearsal, when you play live, they may be more bassy or trebly when running through the big PA and there will be volume discrepancies--it's unavoidable. Some PAs color your sounds in weird unexpected ways. Some PAs have more pronounced mids, some swallow up your reverbs and delay.... So chances are there will always be volume jumps if you switch between a Fender Deluxe to a Marshall between your presets. My advice is to come up with your basic sound, e.g. Classic Distortion, Marshall amp. In each preset, use that as the basis of your sound, and make adjustments/additions as needed. Just like you would play your traditional analog gear, use only one amp. I know the Edge has like 5 different amps, but he's the Edge and he has a dedicated sound guy to make sure his sound mix is consistent. For us bar band musicians, the easier it is, the better. My 2nd advice is to build your own presets. You can simply borrow some cool tricks that somebody else did, and incorporate those tricks, e.g. vibrato/reverb settings into your familiar tried and true consistent setup. As for the buzz -- you can always add a noise gate in the beginning of your chain--this can help with 60cycle hum when not playing. I have seen some blocks introduce almost unbearable whine/hiss, e.g. acoustic simulator. What's worse is that this noise becomes more prominent on certain guitars and is absent on the others. In those situations, I recommend taking a 10-band EQ, placing it after the noisy block and try to notch out that bad frequency. When I have to use acoustic simulator, I have to notch out different frequencies depending on if I'm on the neck or the bridge pickup--it's very very sensitive to the signal that is coming into the Helix.
  9. Hi gang. Is there a website where I could order parts, in my case I need washers for the EXP pedal. This URL has the stuff I need, but it's currently out of stock. Is there anything else like that? https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/607336-line-6-97-001-0016-washer-kit-for-helix thanks in advance, d.
  10. and now it's back to grinding against the left side. I took off the back cover and the design is so simple--just a simple big bolt and a nut. Anybody have the same issue where it gets out of alignment? This was also brought up a while ago here: Maybe the solution is to add a thin washer to re-align the pedal?
  11. Hi peeps! Today I notice that the expression pedal was not aligned properly, and was actually scraping the left side of the gap in the metal. The whole pedal was slightly off kilter off center. I took the included hex key and loosened the bolt a little. Then I moved the pedal with my foot. Nothing helped. Until I pressed the pedal in (as in to switch between Exp 1 and Exp 2) and it re-aligned itself. I then tightened the bolt and it seems to be back to normal. So did I break it or is this normal? I barely use this particular Helix, only when I play gigs. thanks!
  12. Yes, I filed a bug with support. Also, making changes to "behavior" on one preset affects other presets. I immediately downgraded to 3.11 as I need my Helix to be reliable and not get stuck with the wah on when I don't need it.
  13. I guess one way to find out! If things appear out of nowhere right after upgrading, then it's 99.9% likely it's a software bug.
  14. What I still don't understand to this day is: how come in the 21st century nobody figured out how to do sound switching without an audible gap prior to Kemper (I believe). What's funny is that old Digitech rack units had spillover delay way back in the early 90's and there were no audible gaps when you switched sounds. I think the driving factor for innovation was always portability. A grand piano or a Hammond B3 are huge and require several people to move, so there was a demand for making it more portable. Analog guitar rigs for your typical bar band musicians have always been and still are more manageable: guitar, a combo amp and a couple pedals is all you really need to play a gig... Keyboard manufacturers were always trying to make things more compact, if you think about it: Church organ -> Hammond B3 -> transistor organ -> small clonewheel organ that weighs 15 lbs -> computer plugins. Plus as a keyboard player you were expected to play a variety of keyboard instruments (piano, organ, synth, mellotron, etc) instruments that have keyboard, while the guitarist only plays... guitars. So that drove innovation: how can you consolidate a truckload of keyboard instruments into a small board. In terms of portability for me, Helix actually takes up more space than my old compact travel rig. Helix also weighs more. I used to fly in with 3 things: DS-1, Boss MS-3 (small digital processor for modulation/delay/eq, etc), Morley wah: all of them fit into my small backpack. At the venue, there'd be a rented amp waiting for me. Now with the Helix, I still play through a physical rented amp (well, through speaker of the amp rather). I bring my Helix and my compact power amp for stage volume because I want consistency. What's improved is the ridiculous amount of bells and whistles that I'm able to have: my sounds are all tailored to each song. I have CD-quality sounds with spillover delay, other fun gimmicks. I also go in stereo. The setup and sound check are a lot faster now than before. Before, I had to spend a long time fishing for the sweet spot on the amp so that it's not too boomy, not too trebly and not too distorted. Now all my sounds on stage just work out of the box, and the sound guy knows that he'll get the same familiar signal going to FOH.
  15. It's all software, with bugs. IMO 3.15 has too many issues for the amount of new features that are introduced (new amp and the legacy synth sounds). When I saw the Helix misbehaving with the new "behavior" parameter for bypass, I immediately downgraded to 3.11. So, I would simply downgrade and keep making music.
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