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  1. I'm repeating myself about 5 times for sure... But....... my controversial method of boosting leads is to add a 10 db 2K boost right before my amp block--Mail Order Twin at it's pretty clean setting. I have been doing this for about 3 years and it mostly works... mostly meaning that on average it's loud enough, and sometimes too loud, sometimes not loud enough believe it or not. It all depends on your band and the venue. I have used the same boost in a small living room type of a setup and was told my solos should have been louder. I played an outdoor set and my solos were just right. I also played in a medium-sized bare walls type of a place and my solos were deafening... In the past, I have been in a power trio types of bands where there was no need for a solo boost. So in short, If you want to have a balls to the wall loud confident solo, to project over a horn section/keys, try my method. For me 10 db is a magic number. To hear it in context, see below. This "magic" frequency range also cleans up your solos, they become more piercing and twangy. Also pro tip: search existing forum threads, because the solo boost is discussed at least once/twice a month. :)
  2. Is it every single preset/snapshot, or something in particular? Try to see if it's a particular preset with a volume pedal in the beginning. I have heard the infamous pop on such presets/snapshots.
  3. This is typical. For those cases I have special "higher gain" snapshots if I know that I may be using a guitar with lower output. I wish Helix had a global signal gain, like how it's done on the mic input... One thing people do is get a gain pedal to either real or virtual and make it consistent from one guitar to another. A Zakk Wylde Les Paul will always sound different from a 1930s jazz box. Some wireless units have a gain setting you can adjust. Perhaps that's something else to look into.
  4. sure! For some reason I seem to be one of the few who is suffering from this. Even though it's been replicated by Line 6 support and I've seen others complaining about it as well. It could be that it's related to some Helix settings, who knows...? But as for me: I run my Helix to FOH via 2 XLR cables. For my stage mix, I need it to be in mono, and that's where the problem comes in. One time I finished my setup and left the Helix off, and when I started playing I only realized 10 songs in that my monitor mix -- a giant Marshall stack was only playing one side. Nobody in the audience noticed, but it threw me off. In my band I have mostly subtle ping-pong delay, but I also have hard-panned long delays and other special effects like wah-wah with a pan, or stutter with a pan that really have to be mixed down to mono, otherwise you only hear one side...
  5. easy. by not using tap-tempo in your delays. Instead use actual BPM values. It's easiest to do this in HX edit -- simply type in the beats per minute or whatever values. And disable the tap tempo light ^^. I don't tap in my tempo because we play to a click. But some delay tempos were originally created with a tap button. I disabled the light and have it set up where the delays are on a per-snapshot basis and the changes are discarded. So I can press the snapshot button again and all my tempos will be back to their saved values.
  6. There is a bug where Left/Mono does not actually mix down everything into mono, and only gives you the left side. I can always replicate it on both Helixes I own. To avoid having this issue until Line 6 fixes it, do the following: 1. plug in a 1/4 inch cable into Right, and unplug 2. plug in 1/4 inch cable into Left -- you now have a mono mix. Do the same with XLR... If you can't hear it, you have not actually spent time trying to replicate this with a simple stereo ping-pong delay.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's presets, not snapshots, since the OP mentioned "next song". If the issue is indeed with a volume dropout between presets, I have not ever had an issue with it, because typically there is some kind of a pause in-between songs. For example in my case we play a 4 song medley that goes for 15 minutes, and I always am able to find a place where I can switch to the next preset. I even have one "hybrid" preset that wraps up the previous song so I can start the next song without any interruptions. Others here already provided info about preset spillover and snapshots. I honestly never felt the need to use preset spillover and limit my signal path to 1/2 of what it can be...
  8. You can add a return block right before your Cab block/IR. Connect that Return to the physical amp. If you want to have delays in both of your paths, then it becomes tricky... You'd need to duplicate your path and have 2 mixes: one without the cab/IR, the other one with... My advice is to just run the Helix into the effects loop of your amp with cab/IR sims intact. Most people have been doing this and there are no issues. Fix your sound discrepancies with Global EQ.
  9. Yup, I know... I was just going by what OP said his settings were. To me, this is still unneeded nitpicking and I will never be messing with my impedance setting. In all my presets the first block is either a volume pedal or a Throaty wah. Both of them have the same impedance. So, ain't broke? don't fix. lol exactly what I referenced in my response.
  10. All i can tell you that my "master" preset had the parallel loop for delays. To make it consistent, all my presets have the same identical parallel loop. You can add any single dummy block there to have the same level of consistency. 3.1. db boost... because the sound is "added" -- the parallel path of the delay + your main sound. When everything is in series mode, then there is nothing to add It goes like: guitar - amp - cab - delay versus guitar - amp - cab -------- + delay --- ... It's like you have an additional source of current... I have no idea personally why it's 3.1... But you get my idea.
  11. https://line6.com/support/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=10395 You got it slightly wrong. The very first block and only the very first block bypassed or un-bypassed dictates the virtual impedance. So, if you have a Fuzz pedal in the beginning of the chain that is never ever used in any of your snapshots, that Fuzz will affect your tone. After that first block, if you have any other number of blocks that are bypassed, it does not affect the sound in any way. Only the first block. Bypassed or un-bypassed. E.g. you can have 3 Fuzzes in the middle of the chain that are always off -- the sound is the same if they are there or deleted.
  12. To change the sound volume, you can simply click on the output parameter of the preset, assign it to snapshots and change them as you need. I only used this in one preset when stereo delay sound was not loud enough. So in my example, one of the snapshots is using the volume adjustment. My main method to make solos pop out is to boost 2K frequency up 10 db right before the amp block. I add an EQ block. It sounds crazy, but it works for me. I have been using this method with real physical amplifiers. This cleans up the sound, makes it more piercing. If you want to hear how it works for me, here's a recording of my recent show. At 2:35 I start playing my lead.
  13. Since it's a software bug, you definitely have every right to open a ticket. Good luck, and please keep us posted! d.
  14. Every venue will be different. Using mixing monitors to dial in your sounds is not a guarantee your patch(es) will be perfect for every situation. But it's the most unbiased way to set up your sound. Professional bands take many days/weeks to dial in their equipment. They typically rent out a warehouse or even a theater/venue for several days and see what needs to be adjusted. You simply cannot guarantee that your bedroom sound/setup will translate to a huge stadium without any hick-ups.
  15. Are you sure... that you updated the firmware on the Helix? Really? If this bug is still not resolved in 3.1, that's absolutely unacceptable! Line 6 has some outstanding bugs that have not been fixed for years.... My suggestion is to open a support ticket. Film yourself recreating this issue and attach the preset backup. Ever since I noticed that bug in 2020, I stopped using the stomp mode entirely and use snapshots exclusively. To turn on things momentarily, I use the the EXP pedal. I have not had any issue with things getting flipped in snapshots. Even with button toppers, or when wearing shoes, things like static electricity can cause the buttons to still react as if they were touched...
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