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Found 4 results

  1. So, I want to use my Stomp mostly for switching purposes on my pedalboard. However, since I am using a preamp pedal I need a third FX loop. One to engage my drives all at once, one for the preamp and one for my delay and reverb. So I was thinking of using the left and right ins and outs to set up two completely seperate signal chains and creating a third always-on FX loop for the preamp pedal by running the signal from the left output into the right input. Whether this is possible, and how to execute it settings-wise I'm not exactly sure. Figured some experts in here could give me a pointer?
  2. mickstonesoul

    hx effects

    Hello, Can the fx loops in the hx effects be used fro 2 different purposes at the same time? One loop for 4cm with my amp, Second loop will be used for a distortion pedal? thank you.
  3. I've been having trouble with the repeats on my Strymon Timeline sounding crunchy, at first I thought it was to do with the Helix summing the repeats back to mono because the dry signal was fine but that turned out not to be the case. With help from Matt at Strymon I used a signal level meter hidden inside the pedals to find the problem. I had my FX loops set to "Line" (+4dB), Strymon quote a max input of +8dB so there should be no problem but the Timeline indicated clipping as soon as I touched the guitar. I then changed the FX loop to "Instrument" (-10dB) and it was still clipping. The bottom line is that if your FX loop is before the amp model (as it would probably be for a Mobius) then it will be fine but if the loop is after the amp (as it would typically be for delays) then the Helix signal is too hot. The solution is to adjust the "Send" level of your FX loop down to -6dB and boost the "Return" level up to +6dB, this still gives a unity gain FX loop but gives the pedals plenty of headroom to do their stuff properly. I'm guessing that the dry path in the pedals has more headroom so that's why only the repeats were sounding crunchy. I would have thought that this might affect other external pedals too. Craig
  4. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has had experience and/or would know the answer to this example I'm going to give or if it would even work? Theoretically it makes sense but I could be wrong. Say you had 6 analog pedals, that you could not live without, that you want to add to the Helix FX loops. The Helix only has 4 spots to use so you would need to use 2 ABY pedals that you can hook 4 of the pedals and route them to two of the Helix FX blocks. But to save some space and more tap dancing you get a 5 channel true-bypass looper to loop 4 of the analog pedals and use one of the loopers fx send and return to and from the helix to split the pedals up. I'm not entirely familiar with loopers to know if they run in series so that you can have loops 1 & 2 be sent from Loop 3 to the helix and back and then run two more pedals to the next helix block or if you need a dedicated in/out jack in the middle of the looper. Here is how I'm picturing it, to hopefully make more sense. You have 2 pedals in Helix FX blocks 1 & 2 You have 4 pedals through a 5 Channel True-Bypass Looper to Helix FX blocks 3 & 4. Here's how that would route Helix FX 3 Send > In to Looper > Loop FX 1 Send > Pedal 1 > Loop FX 1 Rtrn > Loop FX 2 Send > Pedal 2 > Loop FX 2 Rtrn > Loop FX 3 Send > Helix FX 3 Rtrn > Helix FX 4 Send > Loop FX 3 Rtrn > Loop FX 4 Send > Pedal 3 > Loop FX 4 Rtrn > Loop FX 5 Send > Pedal 4 > Loop FX 5 Rtrn > Loop Out > Helix FX 4 Rtrn On top of that, if the looper had a midi port so that I could essentially use a preset and snapshots on the helix to turn on/off pedals on the looper that goes into the helix fx blocks. I appreciate any thoughts people have on this.
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