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Found 2 results

  1. Apologies if I'm missing an active thread on this but I couldn't find anything. I use Ableton Live and I'd like to re-amp a track through Helix to external effects and an external amplifier...and then mic that and bring it back into Live as a new track. I understand how to re-amp a track 'inside the Helix box' and I know how to connect a guitar to an external powered amp through Helix (found a video on this) but this is a bit different. Is there a correct way to do this? I sort of got it to work by setting my 'source track' in Ableton to External Out USB 3/4. Then on the Helix I used a USB 3/4 Input block -> a Send/Return FX Loop block...I used Send 1 to go into an external fuzz pedal (or whatever) and then into the amp. Instead of using the paired Return on the Helix, I mic'd the amp and brought that back into the Helix Mic Input. The 'new/re-amped track' in Ableton seemed to want to use External In USB 8. I say this "sort of" worked because I was able to record the re-amped signal but the results were underwhelming. I feel like I either missed something important or found a 'hack' that's not really the optimal way to do this. Does anyone else ever take a track from a DAW and use Helix to reamp it through external fx and an external amp that is mic'd and captured via Mic In? I'd greatly appreciate any widsom/hints on this! Cheers, Chris
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has had experience and/or would know the answer to this example I'm going to give or if it would even work? Theoretically it makes sense but I could be wrong. Say you had 6 analog pedals, that you could not live without, that you want to add to the Helix FX loops. The Helix only has 4 spots to use so you would need to use 2 ABY pedals that you can hook 4 of the pedals and route them to two of the Helix FX blocks. But to save some space and more tap dancing you get a 5 channel true-bypass looper to loop 4 of the analog pedals and use one of the loopers fx send and return to and from the helix to split the pedals up. I'm not entirely familiar with loopers to know if they run in series so that you can have loops 1 & 2 be sent from Loop 3 to the helix and back and then run two more pedals to the next helix block or if you need a dedicated in/out jack in the middle of the looper. Here is how I'm picturing it, to hopefully make more sense. You have 2 pedals in Helix FX blocks 1 & 2 You have 4 pedals through a 5 Channel True-Bypass Looper to Helix FX blocks 3 & 4. Here's how that would route Helix FX 3 Send > In to Looper > Loop FX 1 Send > Pedal 1 > Loop FX 1 Rtrn > Loop FX 2 Send > Pedal 2 > Loop FX 2 Rtrn > Loop FX 3 Send > Helix FX 3 Rtrn > Helix FX 4 Send > Loop FX 3 Rtrn > Loop FX 4 Send > Pedal 3 > Loop FX 4 Rtrn > Loop FX 5 Send > Pedal 4 > Loop FX 5 Rtrn > Loop Out > Helix FX 4 Rtrn On top of that, if the looper had a midi port so that I could essentially use a preset and snapshots on the helix to turn on/off pedals on the looper that goes into the helix fx blocks. I appreciate any thoughts people have on this.
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