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Found 5 results

  1. Apologies if I'm missing an active thread on this but I couldn't find anything. I use Ableton Live and I'd like to re-amp a track through Helix to external effects and an external amplifier...and then mic that and bring it back into Live as a new track. I understand how to re-amp a track 'inside the Helix box' and I know how to connect a guitar to an external powered amp through Helix (found a video on this) but this is a bit different. Is there a correct way to do this? I sort of got it to work by setting my 'source track' in Ableton to External Out USB 3/4. Then on the Helix I used a USB 3/4 Input block -> a Send/Return FX Loop block...I used Send 1 to go into an external fuzz pedal (or whatever) and then into the amp. Instead of using the paired Return on the Helix, I mic'd the amp and brought that back into the Helix Mic Input. The 'new/re-amped track' in Ableton seemed to want to use External In USB 8. I say this "sort of" worked because I was able to record the re-amped signal but the results were underwhelming. I feel like I either missed something important or found a 'hack' that's not really the optimal way to do this. Does anyone else ever take a track from a DAW and use Helix to reamp it through external fx and an external amp that is mic'd and captured via Mic In? I'd greatly appreciate any widsom/hints on this! Cheers, Chris
  2. Hey guys, i just bought an HX effects and I'm using it with the 4CM and it's working great. My problem is with my external amp which is an Engl Iron Ball. I'm able to set my footswitch correctly but it seems the amp is always «in between» channel. The LED on the front panel indicating that i'm on the lead channel is always a bit lit up when i'm on a my clean channel. It lights up completely when i change to the lead channel, but when i come back to the clean channel it never really turn off. Also, as soon as i program a patch with the footswitch on one of the control, i get a lot of weird things like loud hisss, white noise, and a bit more gain than usual on my clean channel (like there's a light overdrive on). Someone told me it could be an impedance problem? I've been around a couple of forum and it seems i'm not the only one with this issue (Engl and Hugh and Kettner notably). Any idea on what a could do? Thanks a lot in advance for your advices
  3. Hi all, I have discovered that after updating my Helix to 2.50, when I change snapshots my external amp channel is no longer changing. I have two different external amps I use depending on what is required with a separate setlist set up for which amp I am using and the fault is common on both setups. The light ring around the appropriate footswitch lights up, but the relay doesn't appear to trigger. It works if I turn the assigned footswitch off and back on again and have tried reconfiguring the snapshot with no luck. I have reset the unit and reinstalled my back up with the same result. So far the only fix I have found was to reinstall V2.30 firmware so the problem seems to be in the latest update. Anyone else experiencing this issue? I would love to get this working as I have a song that requires the Seeker and voice box effects which are only available in the latest update. Thanks Steve
  4. Hello everyone and warm greetings from sunny Baja California Mexico :D So, here's the deal ... after discovering that I can no longer use Custom Tone downloads with my older Sonic Port, Mobile Pod and iOS when I bought my latest guitar ... I am considering the VX. I have Pod Farm 2 now installed on my Macbook Pro, I want to use Pod Farm 2 to manage, download and upload custom tones from the Line 6 communities. I want to connect a guitar to the VX while it is connected to the Mac and use the mac the way I used to use my iPad to select tones, adjust settings and knobs and pedals and such. Here's the rub (for me) ... how do I get the output back in to my external VOX amp? Bonus question ... if you used a VOX amp in this way, how would you set the amp to be as 'neutral' as possible?
  5. Richie Castellano, guitarist from Blue Oyster Cult, with a video on how to set up MIDI, External Amp, and CV control. This guy has a knack for making things look easy. I love how he uses the Control (CV) input on a Boss pedal to enable the Helix to control it. This video made me realize that I have a few old pedals with control inputs that I had not considered that I could actually leverage with the Helix. There are a couple of shortcuts he is not aware of yet but for someone who has only owned his Helix for three weeks it is remarkable what he has accomplished and his videos are incredibly helpful. I am learning from him and I have owned the Helix for a year. Won't be the first time or the last that a new user schools me. What a pro! Thanks to mileskb for initially bringing this fellow and his videos to light on the forum and TonyHay over on The Gear Page for bringing this latest video to our attention. Ordinarily I would have just posted this video in the topic mileskb started but the subject matter of this particular video deserves its own heading.
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