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  1. Hello everyone and warm greetings from sunny Baja California Mexico :D So, here's the deal ... after discovering that I can no longer use Custom Tone downloads with my older Sonic Port, Mobile Pod and iOS when I bought my latest guitar ... I am considering the VX. I have Pod Farm 2 now installed on my Macbook Pro, I want to use Pod Farm 2 to manage, download and upload custom tones from the Line 6 communities. I want to connect a guitar to the VX while it is connected to the Mac and use the mac the way I used to use my iPad to select tones, adjust settings and knobs and pedals and such. Here's the rub (for me) ... how do I get the output back in to my external VOX amp? Bonus question ... if you used a VOX amp in this way, how would you set the amp to be as 'neutral' as possible?
  2. Ok, so the full-on hard reset (including the button-smash hard reset of Alt Tunings) solved the problem. Thanks for helpibng :)
  3. Update: Thanks, Guru, I did that already - no change. Also, I just pushed the entire .BUN file that I saved right after I made this set-up - no change. My next step: factory reset, test. If OK, re-push the .BUN and test again.
  4. Variax JTV 59. One custom Alt Tuning made and loaded via WorkBench HD. When I play, I often change tunings on the fly (between songs). This has worked beautifully for me for over 2 years now. The other day, they Alt Tunings became scrambled and now Standard is under another setting, that setting is gone and others seemed messed-up. 1) Any ideas on how it happened (all other features seem to work fine)? 2) How do I recover? TIA :D
  5. Sorry if this is a simple (stupid) question ... I previously used a Line 6 POD xt Live (awesome pedal btw!). I used the stage feature in GarageBand on my Mac to create a "band" for me to play along with. I connected my Mac to the pedal using a USB cable and set the Audio Output on the Mac to be the POD as it appeared in the devices list on the Mac. Fun times! However, change is inevitable and downsizing a must! Now, I have Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) on a MacBook Pro, an iPad runing iOS 7 and a shiny new Line 6 Sonic Port. I also have a Blackstar HT Club 40 tube amp. It only has the one 1/4" input jack. Is there a "proper" way to connect all this up so that I can use my Sonic Port, manipulate all of it's great features, and still play along woth those "bands" I created? I don't imagine there is a Mac interface (software) for the Sonic Port as there is no (obvious) way to connect it's iPad cable port to the Mac computer. Nor could I likely now connect the Mac to the amp. PS: I have not yet found a way to do the stage thing in GarageBand on the iPad. If there is one, this might solve this issue. Does anyone know if *this* is possible? PPS: by "stage thing" what I mean is illustrated in the attached screen shot.
  6. AMPLIFi 150, POD XT Live, FBV Mark II, Sonic Port, James Tyler Variax JTV-59, Audi Technica Digital Wireless, Blackstar HT Club 40

  7. Alrighty then!! Wow, what a difference a fully functional USB Interface makes. THANK-YOU LINE6, You rock! I appreciate you sending me a new USB Interface. Mr. Parks, you were right the USB Interface was at fault, all is well now and I'm a very happy camper!
  8. Happy Camper!!

  9. @TheRealZap I am playing the guitar. I want to take advantage of the much touted feature of "building" custom models. At this price point, this stuff should work as advertised. Line6 is one of the few vendors of expensive gear like this that do not offer support outside the hours when most of us are working ;) (yes, I realize that CST vs. PST gives me a shot, but the hold times probably prohibit getting any help) I'm not a noob here and this is very frustrating. I know I am not alone in this problem. Do you have any real advice, please? Or maybe you could point me to some additional resources on here or elsewhere. Thanks for taking the time. Thomas
  10. Next round of testing ... Leave everything else alone EXCEPT, now I have flashed the JTV-59 from 1.71 to 2.00 <shudders at a .0 release of ANYTHING> ... lo and behold, even Variax Workbench will no longer upload tones to the guitar (still using the POD XT Live). Of course, Workbench HD will not start without using the puck (it will not talk to the JTV-59 through the XT Live). Now, when I do use the puck and Workbench HD MIRACULOUSLY, I can load a custom model. HOWEVER, there is no sound when I select it. When I exit and reload Workbench HD, there is garbage in the Model name where I had readable text before. Now, no matter what I do I'm back to the 80007194 error message. Almost $3,00 worth of useless circuits and cannot get to a human at Line 6 ... getting ready to pack it all up and head back to Guitar Center!!
  11. Since my original post I have done some more testing ... POD XT Live - Drivers 7.3.6 - USB Firmware 1.12 - Flash Memory 3.01 If I roll back to Workbench 1.75 and to firmware 1.71 in the JT-59 and then use my POD XT Live to connect the Variax JT-59, I can successfully upload custom models to the guitar!! Therefore, the problem is NOT the guitar, my computer or the cables. HOWEVER ... Even with these older versions, if I try to use the Variax USB Interface "puck", the upload of custom models fails. In other words, if I do not use the XT Live and use the puck instead. I get the message "Your Tyler Variax has stopped responding. Please try resetting the power and click 'Refresh' in the tone locker" in Variax Workbench 1.75. For both of these tests (and in my original problem) I am making SURE to use the SAME USB port on my computer for every step. So ... my conclusion at this point is that there is an issue in the Variax USB Interface device (yes, I have reflashed it with the 1.03 firmware). There does not appear to be a rollback option for this unit. PS: See attached JPG for a pic of what I mean by "Variax USB Interface puck" just for additional clarity.
  12. Cannot Upload Custom Models To Jtv-59, Cannot Reset Single Model To Factory Setting Mac OS X 10.6.8 Macbook Pro 2.2 Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM Line6 Monkey 1.65 USB Firmware 1.03 Brand New JTV-59 Flash Memory 2.0 Workbench HD 2.01 Using all stock, supplied cables and connectors. JT-59 battery fully charged. When I brought all this gear home, everything connected-up just fine, updates installed just fine. In general, everything works great. With Workbench HD loaded, I can operate the switches and knobs on the JTV-59 and I see the screen changing. Conversely, when I make changes on the screen in Workbench HD, the guitar tones change immediately. I can even "build" a custom model or make changes to an existing model on the screen and the guitar's tones change immediately. Here's the problem ... When I try to save the customized model to the guitar (hit the 'Upload to Variax' button [no, I'm not using either Custom bank] ), the target model slot now has NO SOUND AT ALL. It will change from Red to White like the others though. Often, I get the infamous 'Failed to write data to the guitar, Code 80007104, Failed to write to the firmware' message also. Now, when I open a backup bundle (all the models go red in Workbench HD), I cannot put the "damaged" model back to original settings (I get the failed to write message again). The only way I can get the guitar back properly is to reflash the entire firmware 2.0. What is even more frustrating is that Line6 does not offer telephone support during hours where I'm, not working :( Any help is most appreciated!
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