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  1. tfysh

    HX Effects fx loop question

    Sure, just match the input and output settings to match your amp's effects loop (instrument/line).
  2. tfysh

    Using the Helix LT Guitar Input for a Mic

    I use an impedance matching transformer (see link) to run my vocal mic into an HXFX return (set to "Instrument"). Works great! https://we-supply.com/impedance-transformer-xlr-3-pin-female-to-1-4-ts-mit-176
  3. TRS? Aren't most (if not all) devices that the other end of a guitar cable plugs into TS? Wouldn't the sleeve/ring get shorted there? Should I not be using my G50 wireless with my JTV59?
  4. tfysh

    Considering getting a Helix HX Effects

    I play rhythm guitar along with lead vocals for my band. My current rig is an HX Effects with a Mooer Preamp Live in the effects loop and a Joyo acoustic sim pedal. I run vocals and guitar through the HX, all monitored through a powered frfr, and midi controlled using Band Helper on an iPad mini. I couldn't be happier!
  5. tfysh

    Helix LT for vocals

    This doesn't answer your question, but I'm running my vocals through path B on my HX using two methods. When we provide the PA, I use the channel insert on the PA and route it through the HX, using the Mic preamp on the mixer. When using a house PA, I use a separate Mic preamp (ART Tube Mic Preamp, which sounds great btw). Works great both ways!
  6. tfysh

    Updater openGL 2.0 error

    Anyone else unable to run the Line6 Updater due to this openGL error? I am using and older win7 laptop, and verified that graphics driver has openGL 2.1. Would love to get my HX firmware current, but not crazy about needing to buy a new computer to do so!
  7. tfysh

    Unable to run the Line 6 Updater

    Thanks much! Will try again (after the next gig!)
  8. tfysh

    Unable to run the Line 6 Updater

    Thanks,suedehead99. When you update using BT over IOS or Android, should there be any indication that an update is in progress either from the Firehawk or the mobile device? When I've tried it, after hitting "start update", looks like nothing is going on.
  9. Would like to update to v1.30, but the Updater won't run. I'm running win7. I have installed the Firehawk USB driver and the Updater. When I try to run the Updater, I get a dialog box that says: (paraphrasing) Failed to create OpenGL context...install a driver providing OpenGL 2.0 or higher... I downloaded the OpenGL 2.0 driver, and when I try to install it, it says "already installed. Also tried to update over BT with both the most recent Android and IOS apps, neither will update. They connect ok, but after pressing "start" on the update screen, nothing seems to happen. I'm on 1.20 now, and I'm pretty happy with the unit, maybe I should just leave well enough alone?