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  1. I'm getting ready to purchase a Helix used. Do I need to buy a fresh copy of Native for my computer? Will I get the discount if the previous owner deregisters?
  2. Looking for an effect or EXP combination to mimic a kill switch. Has anyone had any success finding this type of setup?
  3. brokenbones

    pod hd500X

    Have you downloaded and installed the software yet? You need Line 6 Monkey and HDEdit. Make sure you're using compatible versions of the software on your computer's operating system.
  4. Is this possible? I'm in Gearbox trying to change the order of the effects and nothing is moving except for the pre/post enabled effects. Does order not matter in the X3?
  5. brokenbones

    Which would be the better choice to use with an HD500X?

    What do you mean by "open air output"? If you're playing live and micing up, get a decent amp with an effects loop. The Katana's are getting cheaper and cheaper.
  6. brokenbones

    Midi Receive Program Changes to change patches help

    I think I may have found the problem with the Midi setup in OSX.
  7. Has anyone successfully been able to use MIDI Receive program changes to change their patches? I've got an HD500x and my lighting program that sends midi commands through a USB Uno; USB to midi adapter. The problem is that it's not changing the patches with Program commands. Am I missing something simple? I've got the MIDI channel set to 1 on the pod and I believe i'm using the FS-5678 setting. I'm able to get the pod to send Midi but not receive. I've read the manual and followed the instructions but it's just not working.
  8. brokenbones

    Treble, Bass, Mid, Presence, Drive

    You're right. If the knob is at 9 and your patch is at 3 and you go to change the knob (lower it) your patch will jump up to 9 as you start to turn it down. Just look at your setting on the patch before you start turning knobs. If you're changing things on the fly while playing it's probably best to listen to the level you have then crank the knob all the way left to start, then slowly bring it up to the right until you get the tone you want.
  9. brokenbones

    Getting the POD HD500 to send tempo via MIDI

    Unless the Boss SL20 has a midi assignable function for 'tap tempo up', you may be SOL. The hd500x won't do a 'sweep' control for midi send notes. What are the SL's midi function parameters?
  10. brokenbones

    Triggering patches in hd500 via midi

    Any update on this topic? I downloaded the demo for Show Buddy but can't seem to get it to switch patches. I'm wondering if I should send a setlist message before the patch message?
  11. brokenbones


    Keep us posted if that power supply does work. I'm getting ready to mount the POD on a pedalboard and that power supply from Amazon would be much easier to conceal underneath. I haven't watch Poul Ciok's videos yet but does he just test them while they're simply turned on or does he do any real load testing? I wonder how much current draw would come from full use of all set lists, dual amp patches, and many effects on each patch?
  12. brokenbones

    Pod Pro XT/Hd500

    If the Pod XT Pro can recieve midi commands, then yes.
  13. brokenbones

    Pod 500x Set Up--How to start

    I'd hook your pod up to a computer and download HDEdit. Making and saving changes is much easier that way.
  14. brokenbones

    Triggering patches in hd500 via midi

    I did some research on the subject. You can send midi notes from the POD to show buddy to cue up your backing tracks and start and stop them. That probably won't work well with what you're looking to do? If you're using DMXIS, I would use a foot controller plugged into the DMXIS dongle to utilize Next Song/Prev Song and Start/Stop. In your preprogrammed backing tracks you set midi markers throughout the song to send commands to your POD. Program Change commands in ShowBuddy will control the POD's bank #. So for instance let's say in your first song you want to use Pod patch 1A. In ShowBuddy you'd open the first song's backing track and insert a midi Program change = 1. Program change numbers will correspond with your Pod's patch numbers. For instance, Prog1=pod patch 1A, Prog2=pod patch 1B and so on down the line. CC notes control FS1-FS8. The manual specifies which CC note # corresponds to FS1-FS8. You'll add those notes throughout your backing tracks. This will allow you to control patch or effects changes within a song. I really should purchase Showbuddy and do this. Once a song gets started you'll never have to tap dance to control patches/effects/lighting cues or anything.