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  1. Probably a dumb question but I need to ask... Does the Pod GO Wireless work with just a regular 1/4" instrument cable from the guitar instead of using the G10? TIA
  2. Hey. I'm so intrigued by this and im just wondering if you could follow up on some more details? 1. Did you build out the circuit like the diagram from the manufacturer? Or did just the use the barebones converter, inline with the IEC's, then connected to 1 or more barrel jacks? 2. Did you use any line filtering all? Are you getting line noise? 3. Did you house the converter in a plastic enclosure to mount the IEC connectors? TIA
  3. Just want to know if this is possible? For instance on an amp setting when going from heel to toe, i'd like to be able to lower one parameter while raising a separate parameter? Thanks
  4. Could you explain your power supply mod a little more? Did you just cut up an existing 9V power supply and add IEC connectors, jumping the mains to one another?
  5. I'd like to see a one click "delete preset" option in HX Edit. In windows, i'd put it in the right click menu, towards the bottom of the menu list. Have it revert back to a blank "New Preset". I sample a lot of user's presets and need an easier way to delete the ones I don't like instead of having to copy, save, and paste "New Preset".
  6. I just got a Helix and i'm starting to craft my patches (loosely) based on my HD500x patches. Is there a way to export all my HD500x settings and parameters in to a spreadsheet?
  7. brokenbones

    Helix 2.9

    For the love of God please close this thread.
  8. I'm getting ready to purchase a Helix used. Do I need to buy a fresh copy of Native for my computer? Will I get the discount if the previous owner deregisters?
  9. Looking for an effect or EXP combination to mimic a kill switch. Has anyone had any success finding this type of setup?
  10. Have you downloaded and installed the software yet? You need Line 6 Monkey and HDEdit. Make sure you're using compatible versions of the software on your computer's operating system.
  11. Is this possible? I'm in Gearbox trying to change the order of the effects and nothing is moving except for the pre/post enabled effects. Does order not matter in the X3?
  12. What do you mean by "open air output"? If you're playing live and micing up, get a decent amp with an effects loop. The Katana's are getting cheaper and cheaper.
  13. I think I may have found the problem with the Midi setup in OSX.
  14. Has anyone successfully been able to use MIDI Receive program changes to change their patches? I've got an HD500x and my lighting program that sends midi commands through a USB Uno; USB to midi adapter. The problem is that it's not changing the patches with Program commands. Am I missing something simple? I've got the MIDI channel set to 1 on the pod and I believe i'm using the FS-5678 setting. I'm able to get the pod to send Midi but not receive. I've read the manual and followed the instructions but it's just not working.
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