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  1. Does this work with Logic 10.15 Catalina? Thinking of grabbing it
  2. Never mind, I figured it out hehe
  3. Thanks again folks, I really like this forum, quick replies!! So the loudness comes from the bypass oh I get it now, I'm starting to like this pedal now, Oh how can I delete an effect from the pedal and replace it with a totally different one?
  4. Thanks folks, hey do you know why my fx loop block is lower in volume when active and really loud when it's not? Thanks
  5. Just a simple need for my HX Effects unit, all I need it for is the lush Reverbs and delays/Mod, and my question is; can I run it to my amps fx loop with 2 cables like a regular pedal without creating a send/return block, so It goes after preamp? I don't need anything in front of the amp..Thanks
  6. I have the same question, and also, need to know how to run cables for my Beat buddy and RC-300 looper, please help??
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