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  1. I have the 120 and have found it to have exactly the volume of output one would expect from such a powered amp. I wonder if you have a malfunction; unfortunately, it seems you wouldn't be alone with this.
  2. Such a subjective call, but regardless, I'll throw my two cents in. I recently purchased a Spider V/120 and I like it. I like it a great deal more now that I also bought the FBV3 foot controller. I've never played punk but I think you would find a great many of the Line 6 presets appropriate. I didn't need the 120 and could have/should have went for the 60. I just thought that it might be gig worthy and I wanted a bit more substance. POSITIVES: Sounds- for the most part- are full bodied and exciting. Fun. Great variety with the different amps and effects, with the presets being nice starting places. Well constructed. Negatives: Needs to have a way to edit tones via a PC link; not just a iPhone/iPad - I find using my phone or daughters iPad inconvenient and clunky. I tried out the Vypyr. It did not give me much of a WOW. It also seemed a bit cheap in the way it was built. I might be completely wrong here but that's just the way it seemed to me. I was not tempted to purchase it at all. Not even with the benefit of knowing that I could have taken it home with me immediately (instead of having to order the Spider). I did not investigate it's editing capability as I was so unimpressed with it. I am pleased with my choice to go with the Spider V. I'm sure others might feel differently. With electronics being what they are today it's easy to forget that this is only a MODELING amp. There ain't no tubes in this thing and that "rectifier" sound you want isn't gonna feel 100% true; or even 90%. Never the less, it's close and it sounds pretty good in it's own right. Good luck with your decision.
  3. Greetings, Recently purchased a Spider V/120. Immediately I see that I will need a foot controller; I think I knew that but I wanted validation. My brain (wallet) tell me that the Mk II Shortboard is a good deal now at $149.00 Vs the FBV 3 Pro for $249.00. Functionally, it seems the Shortboard does everything one would need, well except, of course, for the pretty lights. I like the pretty lights. Other than the aforementioned pretty lights and the updated buttons/looks, are there any substantive differences? I'm really tired of wasting my money and if there is no real value I would really prefer to know up front. Thanks for any advice anyone may offer. It is much appreciated. Regards, wtrawick North End Studio Anchorage AK
  4. Okay, I feel as though this must have been talked about elsewhere and everyone but rhplayer and myself already must know the answer. But...this begs a follow-up question; Will there be a PC version? Does, "at the moment" mean that it is on the drawing table? Cause, if you're waiting for interest, I'm interested. I have just recently purchased a Spider V/120 - which I like very much. However, using my iPhone to tweak a preset is one thing; it's quite another to start from scratch. A PC is the only way I'll do any serious editing/creating- I just ain't that nimble. Best regards, wtrawick NorthEnd Studio Anchorage Alaska
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