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  1. I have been looking for a new amp and like the Idea of modeling amps. at the moment i've researched and tried out Spider V, Vypyr VIP 3 and marshall CODE. I play a lot of punk but do like to throw in classic & hard rock songs (and on occasion some Metal). Reading all reviews it seems to be a toss up which is best. Though code is at the bottom of the list. does anyone have the spider V and really like it or really hate it. Is it right for my type of music. thanks!!
  2. I haven't verified this but found it in the forum elsewhere - hope it helps "All user created presets are available to search and download via the Spider Remote app for mobile android and iOS devices. Using the Spider Remote app you can upload and download tones to the Line 6 cloud similar to the way you can on the custom tone page with other products."
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