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Found 13 results

  1. Hi does. Anyone know for sure if I can control my rack mounted pod hd pro x using the fbv3 version foot controller?
  2. I am considering Line6 Catalyst amp for live performing. I want to use a midi foot controller to change presets just with 1 (or 2) foot touches. I have a Behringer FCB1010 (MIDI 5 pin IN and OUT). Since Catalyst 60 doesn't have a MIDI 5 pin socket, I am forced to go for a 100, which costs 100€ more, but this is fine if I can get it to work So, I would appreciate some hints on how to set up everything: the catalyst, the foot controller, defining the presets (using Catalyst Edit app, I suppose), and loading some presets into the amp (so I won't need the computer in live performance) Maybe is there a manual on all that? Thanks
  3. Hi, I just got my Helix Rack yesterday and i bought an used FCB1010 foot controller to go with it, because I needed the Rack version and can't afford the Helix Control right now. I would like to configure it to work with the Helix but having absolutely no experiences with MIDI and amp modelers, I really don't know how to do it and where to start, or even what is possible to do beside switching presets. I pretty much only find informations on how to use the Helix AS a midi controller but that's obviously not what I want to do. So, If someone could help me, and/or point me to good documentation about this, It would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I just have a 2 part question about the FBX/FBV Longboard Controller I bought online. They told me it comes with a CAT5 cable. Is this where the board draws it's power? And, Do I need anything other than the CAT 5 cable to route it to my Spider 2 amp? Or do I just plug it into the amp, and plug my guitar into the board and I'm good to go?
  5. Hallo, I purchased an FBV3 pedal to control my Amplify. It works great and the midi controll software is easy to use too. Since Amplify has no looper and there is no easy way to integrate a classic external looper, I thought maybe I can connect both, Amplify AND computer and use a software looper controlled by FBV pedal. Can I switch FBV3 back to control Amplify mode while the USB cable is attached? Thank for any advice and/or oppinionon the topic. Yours recoder
  6. Thinking a need a separate Midi foot controller for my Helix - anyone use a Logidy UMI3 to control a Helix?
  7. Greetings, Recently purchased a Spider V/120. Immediately I see that I will need a foot controller; I think I knew that but I wanted validation. My brain (wallet) tell me that the Mk II Shortboard is a good deal now at $149.00 Vs the FBV 3 Pro for $249.00. Functionally, it seems the Shortboard does everything one would need, well except, of course, for the pretty lights. I like the pretty lights. Other than the aforementioned pretty lights and the updated buttons/looks, are there any substantive differences? I'm really tired of wasting my money and if there is no real value I would really prefer to know up front. Thanks for any advice anyone may offer. It is much appreciated. Regards, wtrawick North End Studio Anchorage AK
  8. Hi, I'm wondering if two of the express markII can be daisy chained. This rig would be used with an Amplifi TT. Play mostly classic rock covers, some 50'r rock stuff, and a VERY small selection of 80's pop/rock to get people moving (everyone knows what happens when the first few chords of "Jenny" ring out.) Anyway, I need the four presets, and with those four can do just about everything I need to (I'm the rhythm player, our lead player is truly a good guy, but is damn possessive about sharing solos. I'm slowly working up his trust level in me, and we are doing some cool octave/harmony/doubling stuff during a few of the solos.) I tell this to explain why I need probably only two more presets, and two future expansion presets. I would also like to have two expression pedals, each dedicated to volume or wah. What I don't need is 4 presets with some very large number of "banks" for each. Scrolling/searching through pre set banks while the drummer is counting off sucks. The closest I ever came to throwing up on stage was one of these moments. Long winded, back to the question: can I use two express markII's linked together? Thanks!
  9. Now that the Amplifi App offers 25 "Banks" of 4 presets … I was wondering if anyone could confirm if the FBV Shortboard MkII Pedal allows you to scroll thru / access the multiple Banks?…. I currently have the MkII Mini but there is no Bank selection footswitch so I have no access to the newly provided Banks via the amp or pedal and can only access these banks by pressing a selection on the app (iPad or iPhone) itself, which is not the best option for playing live… Long story short … Trying to figure out the best way to be able to access all Banks on the Amplifi 150 / Amplifi App via a foot-controller … (or if these banks can be accessed by any combination of buttons being pressed on the Amp itself?) Thanks for any direction, Scott
  10. I still own a PODxt Live (and separate expression pedal), both still in pristine condition. B) I WANT to buy an AMPLIFi 150 for all its creamy goodness, as a major upgrade to my current practice amp. Can't wait to demo the amp at the nearby Guitar Center. I'm NOT crazy about also immediately buying a new FBV Shortboard MkII or other new foot controller / expression pedal to access the AMPLIFi's 100 onboard presets (when the Android device is not in play). I've already downloaded the new AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 (Android) app. Tested one side -- mobile phone only, without the LINE 6 hardware in the room. My new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not yet listed as officially "supported", but automatic music library recognition/acquisition, tone discovery, creation and editing all work like a charm, smooth as butter -- GREAT JOB LINE 6 !!. QUESTION: Can my PODxt Live's foot switches (BANK UP / DOWN and A, B, C, D) control the AMPLIFi's 100 onboard presets in the same manner that they control the PODxt's onboard presets? In other words, can the PODxt be used ONLY as a foot controller for the AMPLIFi, adding/subtracting nothing from the AMPLIFi's signal chain? If so, what are the required connnections? Firmware updates? Thanks in advance to ANYONE who has a reliable answer! Cheers! :ph34r:
  11. Hello. I have a problem with connecting my Hd500 to amp head as a midi controller and preset changer at the same time. I need to program the device for changing 3-channels of my amp through midi (controller function) and changing presets on HD500 simutainously. I know that it can be done in ABCD configuration, but I cannot figure out how to program the midi outputs. Could You please help me?
  12. Hey gang! I'm a relatively inexperienced user of POD Farm, and I just had a quick question regarding footswitches. For what it's worth, I'm using POD Farm 2.55 on a Windows 7 PC with the POD Studio GX. What I need is a foot pedal that can cycle through tone presets I put together in a Setlist, and I don't need it to do much else at the moment. I know the FBV Shortboard MkII is capable of this, but at the moment I'm in a bind and can't afford to spend that much. Don't get me wrong, the Shortboard looks like a wonderful product and I definitely plan to one day invest in it! However, I have a show coming up in a couple weeks that I'll be needing this pedal for, and based on my research, it looks like I'll have to go third-party for this. So, does anyone know of such a product? I'd prefer a USB footswitch in the $50 or so price range, but I'll take whatever I can get. Any input is much appreciated! Thanks a ton, guys. Hope to hear back from you soon! Thanks, Ross
  13. I have a FBV express mkII with my POD x3, and was wondering if I could use this together with my HD500. Would that be possible? As an optional foot controller for instance? Since there is no FBV input I've probably have to use midi in/out then. Or might it be another way?
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