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  1. Version 2.81 on regular Helix Using full Stomp Box for the unit. Has worked good since day one -> since updating to 2.81 -> Stomp Box mode will occasionally switch to Patch/Stomp box mode. I change the patch and sometimes it switches back to Stomp Box mode sometimes not. Rebooting seems to help. It occurs mostly right after I have hooked the Helix up to the computer (Window 10 machine with the latest HX Edit). Is this a known issue?
  2. Last question - has anyone else used a simple foot controller other than an expression pedal with the Helix?
  3. Looks like the answer is no and I will return the pedal to Amazon. The Logidy needs USB power to run and it appears that the Helix doesn't provide any options to provide power. I hooked it up to my TC Helicon Voice Live3 and it powered up and of course powered up with my computer. With my Helix - it is dead as a door knob. It appears that you can send Midi over the USB but it can't power any devices - back to the drawing board...
  4. Since I had no response - I thought I would bump this up to the top. I read in the manual and in some earlier posts that the USB channel can be configured to receive MIDI so I believe this will work. The use case is that as a lead vocalist and primary guitar player - I would like a fairly foolproof method to switch into a louder lead option from an amp patch. I am finding that the wide array of buttons on the Helix (had a similar issue with the HD500) and small spacing makes it too easy to hit other buttons right next to the one I want to press. I am thinking the a small MIDI footpedal in front of the mic and having the HELIX off to the side for initial setup before a song might make the system more foolproof. I am thinking of ordering the Logidy and trying it out and I will post results if successful...
  5. Thinking a need a separate Midi foot controller for my Helix - anyone use a Logidy UMI3 to control a Helix?
  6. Cruisinon2 - thanks for your reply! I may look into the neck replacement option. I am also looking for some opinions on the higher frets and whammy bar versus the JTV-69. One of the things I am thinking about is selling my JTV-69 once I get the JTV-89F which would be in the same range as replacing the neck on the JTV-69. Since no one in my area stocks the JTV-89F - looking for some additional input from the group also....
  7. I have had a JTV-69 for almost three years and have a somewhat love hate relationship. I use it a bunch to play with bands because of its versatility but am not the biggest fan of its play-ability. I have a fleet of various other guitars and I have to admit I am more a Les Paul or PRS Custom 24 fan. I love the Strat sound but not the biggest fan of its neck feel. I also love my Ibanez shredding guitars but play a different style of music. The JTV-69 doesn't give me higher register access and I just don't get a great feel for the neck. My question is -> is it worthwhile picking up a JTV-89F for its play-ability, neck feel and upper register access? I know it will have the same modeled sounds but it mags will be completely different but I use the guitar mostly for the modeled sounds anyway...
  8. In response to middle comment from Line 6 - I agree that we would always want more memory so it sounds like we have as much memory as the budget would allow. Perhaps the flexibility in mixing up the blocks and stereo versus mono etc almost gets us into trouble. I do appreciate the flexibility and I would agree that the Helix is potentially the most flexible unit I have come across (I go back to very old Digitech units through the POD through more Digitech to the HD500 and have finally landed with the Helix. A couple of observations and I will close this out... 1. It appears that probably building a multiple path patch from scratch might be preferable than taking an already optimized single path patch and modifying it to a dual path. It appears that the Helix isn't always great about reallocating memory once it has been initially setup. I have had much better luck starting from scratch or nearly from scratch than modifying an existing patch. 2. When having a block copying issue - always revert to doing the editing on the device - the error messages are key to adjusting and moving things around... 3. It would be cool to see the memory block size for us adjustment geeks so that we could optimize what is on each path and the order etc - my guess is that this would be too much information for many but it would really help me with some of the patch edits... After all of the responses - I think I learned a few more things about the Helix that will help me down the line - thanks!!!
  9. Well after taking Uber Guru suggestions to just do it on the editor itself (without the computer plugged in via the USB cable) I did have some better luck. The main thing that helped me out was seeing the error message when I tried to do something illegal (like have too many controllers on one block to copy and past iot or running out of DSP), I still can't believe the second run has more DSP - based on my current experience I would have guessed it the opposite. The two bottom lines are: 1. Make clearer error message show in the pc based editor in the future (at least what you see on the onboard editor) 2. The Helix for the money should have additional DSP! Well - that's all for now - at least I am moving forward with the Helix again!
  10. evh0u812 - I did attempt to copy and paste in addition to dragging (it would be nice if dragging worked from a usability standpoint! malhavok - that is quite interesting and may point out that there is something in the protocol that is odd! I could have one chorus, two delays and two compressors along with an amp and IR on path two and under no circumstances be able to move the verb to the second path. I then deleted everything on the second path and put just an amp, a Line 6 cabinet only on the second path and still could move the verb to the second path... phil_m - I was using a 2048 IR -> see the previous comment - I went to no IR and nothing on the second path and still couldn't do anything... My conclusion is that there is probably some bug in the code for the second path and how it manages DSP. I had Path 1 loaded up and had no issues except being able to copy an amp into Path 1. For now, unless someone comes up with a silver bullet - I am assuming defeat due to memory management issues beyond my ability to understand routing. It would be awesome to see how much memory each block takes and total memory per path to be able to debug this issue. Maybe Line 6 has a debug display where I could figure this one out. Another frustration on a unit that has great sound...
  11. Now I am perplexed -> it appears that Path 2 has a dramatically lower amount of DSP! I put one set of cabs on Path 1 and one on Path 2. I can load up a number of effects and a reverb block on Path 1 but can only have the amp/cab and some digital delays and soem other lower level block on Path 2. I deleted all of the blocks except for the amp/cab and I still can't move the reverb to Path 2! I included another screenshot - help!
  12. I attached a screenshot of where I am in the patch. It would work if I could move the verb to the end of the signal path but it seems to be an impossibility. I think the main issue is using IR in the signal path. If I switch to Line 6 cabs -> it seems like I have a better shot and will try that but I think I have reached the limitation...
  13. Got a question and I am afraid the answer is not going to be good... I am using a great stereo output effects box through my FX loop that sounds awesome in front of the amp/cab so I would like to create two paths to maximize DSP usage. I create a Path 2A and Path 2B. I am assuming that when people say that the DSP are used for Path 1 and 2 -> they really mean Path 2A and 2B? I get close to being able to manage DSP except I find I would like a reverb unit at the end of ther signal path -> I always run out of DSP if I put the reverb at the end of the chain even if I remove mostly everything before it. I can put the reverb early in the path but this sounds poor instead of later in the chain. The other thing I would like to do then is to move the one amp/cab combination early in the chain so that I could move the reverb later in the food chain but I run out of DSP doing some logical moves. It really appears as though we are quite limited in what we can move where so that I could have a decent signal chain with my stereo effect early in the chain. Does anyone have an great tricks for squeezing as much as possible from the DSP? Is there a Path 1 I don't know about? - I am pretty close to abandoning this but it seems very whacked out that I can't this to work with the money the Helix cost etc...
  14. I see it when I use the volume pedal early in the chain. I will be playing for 20 or 30 minutes and suddenly it drops to 0% volume. I touch the volume pedal and it goes back up to 100%. I know that when I posted this with a prior firmware - I had about 5 or 6 people respond with similar issues. It is interesting that Line 6 even calls out the work around in their release notes. Sounds like I will only turn on the volume pedal if I am going to use it in a patch for volume swells. Other wise either delete it in the chain or leave it off...
  15. I see we have a new firmware update so I quickly downloaded it hoping it would address the volume pedal dropping to zero random bug that I have been suffering with since I bought the unit. I did go through the Read Me and discovered that they hadn't fixed it outright but had a workaround by deleting the volume pedal and adding it back in. I did that on all of my primary patches and starting playing - 10 minutes into practice - volume pedal bug is still alive and well! My volume dropped to zero. I changed to another patch - 5 minutes in -> 0 volume again. Not happy... I guess I will relent and delete the volume pedal block where I can - in other cases I will turn it off and leave it in the chain and only turn it on when I am doing those Steve Hackett volume swells in the middle of a song. On the bright side - have heard good things about the added amps - I am hoping the distortion pedal is useful also...
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