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  1. Hi, I'm wondering if two of the express markII can be daisy chained. This rig would be used with an Amplifi TT. Play mostly classic rock covers, some 50'r rock stuff, and a VERY small selection of 80's pop/rock to get people moving (everyone knows what happens when the first few chords of "Jenny" ring out.) Anyway, I need the four presets, and with those four can do just about everything I need to (I'm the rhythm player, our lead player is truly a good guy, but is damn possessive about sharing solos. I'm slowly working up his trust level in me, and we are doing some cool octave/harmony/doubling stuff during a few of the solos.) I tell this to explain why I need probably only two more presets, and two future expansion presets. I would also like to have two expression pedals, each dedicated to volume or wah. What I don't need is 4 presets with some very large number of "banks" for each. Scrolling/searching through pre set banks while the drummer is counting off sucks. The closest I ever came to throwing up on stage was one of these moments. Long winded, back to the question: can I use two express markII's linked together? Thanks!
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