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  1. Hi! So I'm using an Helix Rack and I want to be able to record with it. I usually record two rythm guitar tracks that I pan hard left and hard right, as i mostly play metal. But I can't do it with the Helix, here's my problem. When I record directly with the Helix as my soundcard or via an XLR into another soundcard (I tried a Scarlet 2i4 and an Audiobox USB) the sound is significantly different when I pan left or right. I tried with Windows 7 and MacOS, using Cubase and Ableton on Win, and Ableton on MacOS. I just would like the Helix to output a real mono sound, so I can record guitars, pan them and have the same sound on both tracks. Maybe I'm missing the obvious here, but could someone help me with this? Thanks!
  2. So I plugged the FCB into my AudioBox (one-way, MIDI CABLE), and Cubase detected midi activity when I pushed on the switch and exp. pedals. So I create a midi track and find that there's a "MIDI Monitor" insert, which is exactly what I was looking for, showing the exact MIDI messages sent. I try it, and it recieves the MIDI messages that I was expecting, so I though the problem was with the Helix. I plug the FCB back into the Helix, and.. it works. Why, I don't know. Didn't changed anything. The next day, it doesn't work anymore. I do the exact same thing with Cubase, and it works again. Yesterday I had rehearsal, and again, doesn't work but this time I can't get it to work again and Cubase doesn't detect anything anymore. I'm really confused and at this point, unless I'm stupid, I assume there is something wrong with the cable (new one though..). I'll get another one and tell you what.
  3. So FCB MIDI OUT goes to Helix MIDI IN. The MIDI PC RECEIVE was set to USB+MIDI and is now set to MIDI. I tried PC, CC32 and CC69 messages on channel 01 and OMNI (Helix), still not reacting. to anything, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. :( edit: When I plug the FCB into my Sound Card and press randow switches, Cubase detect the MIDI activity so I guess the FCB is working well. I don't know if there's a way to see the messages being sent though.
  4. Oh ok. I'll try again the manual method tonight but I'm pretty sure I put both devices on channel 1. Also, I remember Helix had a "Omni" MIDI channel that i assumed meant it was reading MIDI messages from all channels, which I also tried though.
  5. It 's a PreSonus Audiobox USB. I also have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (1st gen I think) that I tried to use with Cubase 5, but I get an error message everytime I select its driver inside Cubase. The Audiobox works well though.
  6. Wait, for the connection to the Helix I only need a cable from the FCB OUT/THRU to the Helix MIDI IN right?? If it needs the two-way communication too that would be the reason it doesn't work (Sorry I'm really a newbie to this..)
  7. Damn, I only have one MIDI cable at the moment. I'll try to get another one this weekend and I'll tell you if it works. EDIT: Probably a stupid idea, nut I guess there's no way of using the editor by pluging the cable alternatively on the IN/OUTS when needed? haha.. I still wonder why the preset (just a PC message) I did manually doesnt work though :(
  8. Most of it is pretty clear. Thanks a lot for the time you put in helping me, again I really apreciate it. I'll try using the free editor when I get home (I guess you were talking about the "Mountain Utilities" one?) to program it. - I guess to do so I just have to plug the FCB in the MIDI IN of my soundcard or the Helix? There's still a few things that confuse me though: - PC1, PC2, etc.. it doesnt change anything for the Helix, they are all just simple PC messages for the Helix, and it's just that the FCB allow to send multiple at once, right? - Do I really need to select a preset bank on the Helix first, before choosing the preset? What I mean by that is if on my Helix, I'm already "in" the bank where the presetI want to select is, do I still need to first send a message to say where the preset is, or not? Because when I tried my Helix was already on the right bank and I just sent a PC message with the number of the desired preset. Maybe this is why it doesn't worked? Thanks again, you help a lot.
  9. Sorry, I should've been more clear. I understand what CC#32 and CC#69 messages means for the Helix, but I don't know how to program CC#32 and CC#69 messages from the FCB since the documentation I can find only talks about must "CC". EDIT: I've just seen this: " If you have selected CNT1 or CNT2, you can now enter the number of the controller to be sent (0 through 127) when you press the corresponding footswitch. After confirming your selection with UP/ENTER you can select a controller value (0 through 127). Con rm your selection with UP/ENTER. " Is it that? "The number of the controller to be sent" being the #32 and #69 in question? Also I tried to program just one FCB "preset" (bank 0, footswitch 1) to send a PC message to the Helix to make it switch to the corresponding preset, following a FCB tutorial, and it seemed to work (In the sense that I programmed it right, but apparently not..) but nothing happen on the Helix when I push the Footswitch.
  10. Also what is the difference between CC32 and CC69? FCB documentation only talk about CC
  11. Hey @rd2rk, sorry for the late reply. Well, I basicely just need to switch presets and snapshots with the FCB, and using the looper for songwriting and making presets. I also would like to be able to switch effects on and off, and use the expression pedals (mainly for volume), but from what I understood I need the UNO ship, and I assume I have the stock one. I watched a long tutorial video on youtube about the FCB, which helped, and you did too, but still not fully clear on how I can use it with the Helix. I'm going to try now to configure it now and we'll see. I'll also try to figure out wich ship I have later and tell you about it. Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it!
  12. So I just got the Helix and absolutely loving it. I think I'm gonna give the Mackie Thump 12A a try (on a pole), I can always return it if I don't like it. @SteveFrance Yeah that's what we're planning to do live. We just started and didn't played live yet, and we don't have a good rehearsal room yet. I still want to have a FRFR for this reason, or even if we happen to play a super small venue with no/lollipop PA. And for rockin' at home too! Thanks everyone for your time and kind advices, you've been really helpful, looks like a great community.
  13. Hi, I just got my Helix Rack yesterday and i bought an used FCB1010 foot controller to go with it, because I needed the Rack version and can't afford the Helix Control right now. I would like to configure it to work with the Helix but having absolutely no experiences with MIDI and amp modelers, I really don't know how to do it and where to start, or even what is possible to do beside switching presets. I pretty much only find informations on how to use the Helix AS a midi controller but that's obviously not what I want to do. So, If someone could help me, and/or point me to good documentation about this, It would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Hi! So I'm about to buy an Helix Rack, that I'm gonna use live and at rehearsals with my "modern metal" band (Architects, BMTH, Deftones type of sound..). I'm looking for the best FRFR speaker I could get for this usage between 300€ to maximum 400€. I already looked for the Mackie Thump15, Headrush 112 and ALTO speakers, and heard good and bad things about these but struggle to find good feedbacks from users with a similar situation/need. What would you recommend? Any help would be appreciated! ps: also, what would be the most suited speaker diameter? 10, 12 or 15"?
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