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    Missing Manual?

    Newbie experiences follow-up: • While I did have trouble updating firmware via Bluetooth ("service not available at this time" type of alert after the first attempt) the update to the latest firmware went flawlessly via USB connection and the update installer. ••• Firmware update was a Pleasant fix to my initial problems. Thank you.••• • Bluetooth connectivity is not a perfect platform, I am grateful for the "Forget This Device" workaround for the occasional lack of initial connectivity when turning amp system on • Bluetooth drops are not nice, ... seems it would be problematic for live, professional, players. • My WISHLIST item it thus: that a USB/Lightning connectivity scheme be invented, thus obviating the need for Bluetooth Thanks for the support
  2. jmhbpc

    Missing Manual?

    ah, ok, let me start with updating the firmware, it seems to be at 1.0 … then I'll see how it goes, although I still think I could use more instructions than the Pilot manual provides :( Thanks for the nudge on the first step, sir :) P.S. I did discover that if I press into a tone position, then boot up the App, the display will indicate what tone is connected. I can determine the other loaded tone presets by changing the tone position, then closing and rebooting the App.
  3. jmhbpc

    Missing Manual?

    Hello, New to Amplifi, and any amp having more than 5 knobs or features. Perhaps you could assist in pointing me in the right direction with regard to getting up to speed with the Line 6 Amplifi 150 modeling amp. I would like to submit some specific experiences that perhaps might elucidate my situation and perhaps lead to your more general advice in _navigating_ to the answers I need. 1. I notice that when streaming music from my iOS device I can only play along if the preset button is set to position B. 2. I notice with my iOS device connected, and edit sliders on various editing buttons that appear on the screen: no alteration of sonic characteristics of the amp results. 3. I notice in Preset C (American Clean??) that increasing Gain does not result in any change in tone. My experience with "regular" amps is that if you lower volume and crank up the Gain, you achieve a distortion effect. 4. All the Feature descriptions I have read indicate that the Amplifi comes with 4 Factory Presets installed. However, I have seen no clear documentation on what these Preset names are. Perhaps they are the four listed in the document entitled: AMPLIFi Factory Presets v1.0. However, the rest of that document does not quite match the listings that appear in the iOS app display in the Tones section. 5. Also with regard to AMPLIFi Factory Presets v1.0. I have seen no documentation with regard to navigating through the various _Performance Banks_ This info does not appear in the Amplifi Pilots Guide. I hope these specifics can help you provide me with some comprehensive General source of guides. My first round with the videos has not resulted in the help I need. I feel like there may be a “missing manual†Thanks for your support.
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