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  1. deparko

    Big Sur

    Well Big Sur OS 11 was release over 4 months ago (Sept) and Line6 still does not support it? Really not cool!
  2. Updated my Helix LT last week with V3.0.1. Went real smooth, have used everyday. Powering up and down no problem. I just powered up the unit for the first time today and it starting rebuilding all my presets. Why? any guidance would be greatly appreciated..thanks
  3. Thanks, I'll check this out because it seems somewhat variable and I'm not loud. I'm a jazz/fusion player who likes to roll off the tone and play a clean sound but sometimes the bass just breaks up. I absolutely love the setup, just need to resolve this issue.
  4. Greetings, Currently using JBL LSR 305 as my output from my Helix LT. Love the sound but sometimes at certain levels (although not real loud) the low end breaks up and distorts. don't see the output meters on the Helix clipping..etc and don't consider it to be real loud. Can the JBL 305's handle the line levels from the Helix/Guitar? Trying to debug. Anyone come across this problem? I Thanks D
  5. Greeting, I have a Helix LT plugged into my macbook pro using logic pro..etc. I currently use my Helix LT as my audio Interace. I really dig a lot of my presets but also have software plugins like Neural DSP..etc that I'd like to use. How best can I configure my Helix LT to deliver a 'dry' signal? do I use a default preset with no blocks? or USB channel 7/8? or should I get another audio interface and run the Helix LT through that? Trying to figure out the options and best path forward. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. D
  6. I have a good pair of phones and JBL LSR305 studio monitors. Most of the time I'm playing low with the monitors and get a pretty good sound. I migrate to the phones if the wifey starts to complain too much..seems to be working for my. My amps are currently in the closet unfortunately.
  7. Lots of great insight in the replies.thanks..I have my Helix LT going directly into my 13” MacBook Pro. I’m using good quality studio headphones plugged directly into the Helix. I also have some studio monitors (JBL LSR305) hooked up to the Helix. I’ll definitely experiment with the presets and check the stereo/mono issue. Sounds like the sound is there I just have to discover it through study/practice/etc. thanks
  8. Greetings, I just purchased Jason Sadites presets. When I listen to his video on the presets they sound awesome. When I download I import them into my Helix LT they sound weak/thin. The delays seem over saturated. Btw, this happens for most of the presets I get from others. Is there some global thing I’m missing. Volumn levels? I’ve been searching to the answer for some time. Extremely frustrating. I have created some very nice “clean” presets but most presets I buy sound crappy even though the creators videos have them sounding great. Any advice or guidance greatly appreciated. I’m starting to think the Helix is not for me.
  9. Hi, I tend to transition from practicing/playing guitar to other work/digital activities throughout the day. I seem to be switching the power of my helix on and off a bunch of times per day. Do any of you just leave it on during your work day? any recommendations..thanks
  10. Greetings, I'm having problems with setting the right volume levels for presets. Presets that I download a lot of times have very low volume even if the amp master/chn are cranked up yet ones I create seem to be ok. What am I missing? I have a Helix LT. If I keep the Helix hardware volume at say a "4", some presets are nice and loud, others I can barely hear. I fish through all the blocks of the preset looking adjusting levels but most presets stay fairly muted. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. thanks D
  11. Soundog, that was it!!! I had a noise gate on in my DAW. Clicked that off and the sustain was there abit with a little more noise. Anyway to clean that up. thanks again.
  12. Hi, Running my guitar through a Focusrite into my macbook pro. Using Garageband and Helix Native. I noticed that I'm getting a drop out of sound. I will pick a note and the sustain will continue on the guitar but suddenly drop off in my headphones. I've tried with with factory presets and it still happens. It is really annoying. Any advice on how to fix would be greatly appreciated. Deparko
  13. I'm running into this "Clicks and Pops" problem and wonder what the fix is on Mac? It seems to happen when I'm running Helix Native and also VLC running a video/audio track which I'm following. Would that cause this issue? I don't seem to have the problem if I run a single instance of Helix Native but if I introduce other work on the system we seem to run into this. Any advice? I'm assuming this would not happen if I was running a Helix LT or HX Stomp since the processing would be outboard.etc Thanks Deparko
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