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  1. THANK YOOOOOOU! You saved my Saturday and my musical life!!! Thanks
  2. Hi, Tried installing firmware upgrade 3.5 (Helix LT). Followed directions to reset device by pressing middle bottom buttons and turning Helix off/on. When it boots up, it loads global parms.etc and then I get the "Boot Failure, Entered Updated Model" screen. HX Edit is no longered connected to the device. What next? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. -D
  3. At the moment, I don't do any automation so I'll disable Global Setting and post in the Logic Pro forum. I deleted my controllers in Logic and the problem still occurs so definitely a comment trigger of some sort. I'll also look into a Midi monitor. I'm sure is some type of user error. I need to get my digital chops up. I'll keep you posted. - D btw, just disabled the Global setting and changed the MIDI channel and it works like a champ. Now I need to fix the bug
  4. Greetings, I am having a problem when punching record in Logic Pro, my Helix seems to jump to a undefined preset. Running a Helix LT at 3.15 with an Apple mac M1 pro. Have not recorded in a while (3 or 4 weeks). I use Neural DSP plugins sometimes so I have a bypass Preset that uses channel 5/6. I created an Audio strip in Logic with inputs 5/6, start my Neural plugin, enable recording and everything sounds great through my monitors (driven by the Helix). I punch the Record button in Logic and I get a dry signal, looking down at my Helix LT it shows that it jumped to some undefined preset. When I stop Record in Logic, My helix jumps back to my original bypass preset. When I enable the "Bypass All Control Surfaces" option in Logic preferences, it fixes the problem. I'm assuming the problem is on the Logic side but wondered if anyone can provide further guidance. Perhaps you have run across this. I did delete my controller entries but the problem is still happening. I do have a work around with the "Bypass All Control Surfaces" option but need to debug this problem Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. -D
  5. Greetings, is anyone using Helix Native as a plugin with Logic Pro with these versions? Macbook Pro M1 Pro OS Monterey 12.0.1 Logic Pro 10.7.1 (running under Rosetta) GarageBand 10.4.4 I've tried Helix Native 3.11, 3.10 and 3.01. I've de-installed it each time according to the readme file and used the install program to install. All three versions crash Logic Pro 10.7.1. I realize I'm on all the latest versions and that is really a big no no but could not really prevent it as I was forced to buy a new macbook pro. My old macbook pro died on me. Also tried GarageBand 10.4.4 with the same results. I checked the plug-in manager and the plugins looked good. I opened a ticket with Line6 just wanted to see if I missed something. Thanks
  6. What DAW are you using? are you running it in Rosetta? thanks D
  7. same here..just upgraded to a new M1 Pro and now Helix Native is broken. I'm using logic. I get a failure to load. ok...after review this thread (thanks datacommando) I read the Apple M1 KB and Line6 is saying to turn on the "run in Rosetta" flag for your DAW which I assume will run your entire DAW in emulation mode. I can see this as a sort term fix but sort of defeats the whole purpose and wonder if there are any latency issues..etc. Anyone have any experience? thanks D
  8. would Soundflower solve this..but have not got the configuration down yet.
  9. I'm dealing with the limitation of the Helix LT without a separate headphone volume control. I have a Scarlett Solo in the closet so I thought perhaps I could use that as an output to headphones since it has a volume control. My routing is: Guitar-> Helix LT -> Macbook Pro -> Scarlett Solo -> Headphones If I plan a backing track from my macbook pro I hear the track but cannot hear anything from my guitar/helix LT. My sound preferences on my mac are Input (Helix), Output (Scarlett). The Helix LT global output is set to "Multi". What am I missing? or does this just not work? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Deparko
  10. I see that the Helix/HX 3.10 update has Mac Big Sur as a supported platform. Can anyone verify? does it work? thanks
  11. deparko

    Big Sur

    Well, it looks like the same status because I don't see any updates from Line6. Is there no Big Sur support for their entire product line? or just Helix? I'm wondering why a pro audio company who is really a software company as well would ignore currency. Perhaps the Apple base is a small one? I thought most musicians prefer apple. Did they not get an early beta? Is there something so significant in Big Sur that it requires a major architecture change. I've been in the software business for over 20 years and very rarely would I see this type of late support for a tier one platform. thanks
  12. deparko

    Big Sur

    Well Big Sur OS 11 was release over 4 months ago (Sept) and Line6 still does not support it? Really not cool!
  13. Updated my Helix LT last week with V3.0.1. Went real smooth, have used everyday. Powering up and down no problem. I just powered up the unit for the first time today and it starting rebuilding all my presets. Why? any guidance would be greatly appreciated..thanks
  14. Thanks, I'll check this out because it seems somewhat variable and I'm not loud. I'm a jazz/fusion player who likes to roll off the tone and play a clean sound but sometimes the bass just breaks up. I absolutely love the setup, just need to resolve this issue.
  15. Greetings, Currently using JBL LSR 305 as my output from my Helix LT. Love the sound but sometimes at certain levels (although not real loud) the low end breaks up and distorts. don't see the output meters on the Helix clipping..etc and don't consider it to be real loud. Can the JBL 305's handle the line levels from the Helix/Guitar? Trying to debug. Anyone come across this problem? I Thanks D
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